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Firehouse Light Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website:  Visit the site here

Price when purchased:  £5 plus shipping costs.

A donation is given of 25cents from each tin is given to WishforHeroes

Delivery feedback:  Very good communications from John, well packaged and a gift of the dark wax too for me to review.

Container type/size:  Screw top 1oz flat tin


No added scents just the natural wax smell here, its a nice no nonsense smell and means you are not reminded that you are wearing a wax all day


This was a doddle to apply, nice and soft from the tin, pushing my thumb nail forward got a good size shaving that I rolled into a ball with ease without it being too tacky.  It softened further in my fingertips and went into my tash with no drama and complete ease.  I used the hairdryer to spread the wax with the comb and shaped quickly with my fingertips using the cold setting on the dryer to set the wax.  I noticed no residue on my fingers and what I can only describe as a very well behaved natural full looking moustache


Great hold and not just for a natural look either as I was able to pull of my best English style to date with this wax which held well into the evening as you can see from the pictures below.  Easily a 50mph window effort, I evenmight try a wing walk wearing it as I dont think much can shift its hold, look at this video at around 2 mins.


I think that out of all the waxes I have tried Firehouse wax has come with the biggest reputation, a number of members on the Handlebar Forum speaking very highly of it and one or two encounters with moustached chaps here and there.  Wacky Tacky is the product I have heard most about but its a dark wax and not at all suitable for my fair moustache as I love being a natural blond!  I had such fun with this wax a joy to use and so flexible in terms of the styling it allows you as you can see from the pictures.  The hold as you would imagine was immaculate, eating was a dream and supping an ale was a joyous experience because my lip hairs were set firmly out of the way.  On the second day I tried the English style and was instantly impressed with the ease and speed to create that look, by no means do I have an award winning English style as I do not wear it that way very often but this wax was the best so far at that style, even better than Got2beGlued.

When it came to washing the wax out I found it did leave a slight residue but I had of course used a lot to achieve the English. I always wash the wax out in the evening but the next morning the tash seemed better for the trace wax by just popping into position like a well trained platoon on the parade ground “Handlebar Regiment reporting for duty sir!”

Go and get some of this wax, help out a charity and support the hard work of all those behind the Firehouse wax and say hello from me.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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