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Fisticuffs Moustache Wax – Lavender

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website:  Get the Moustache wax here    fisticuffsmustachewax.bigcartel.com/

Price when purchased: USD $6.85 for 15 grams

Delivery feedback:

The boxed package came to our dusty horse ranch within 3 days and consisted of the Viking Beard Oil, Lavender Mustache Wax, and the Viking Beard Oil T-Shirt.  The beard oil had leaked a couple of drops but thankfully was safely doing so in the well thought-out zip lock baggie.  This great Southern California Local Company did a great job packing everything and added a full assortment of its stickers which cause a riot with my sons, who like to rule the halls of their elementary school with facial hair paraphernalia.

Container type/size:  A handy little vintage slide-top locking tin 15 grams full of delicious wax.


I chose the lavender scent, which upon opening the package, scurries around the senses on a self-guided tour that immediately teleports me to a (legit) Thai Spa.  All that was missing were the candles, Enya, and yoga girl turned masseuse.


I’m just finishing up a tin of Petal Pusher’s Dandy Candy which is much firmer on the uptake and so my firm wax trained finger hit this lavender beauty with unnecessary rude torque.  The truth is, it’s like firm butter that you can push down with your thumb or even go rogue and pinch some up into your mustache-shaping digits.  I admit to being somewhat untrained in the finest levels of mustachery, but my biggest issue is usually the glazed doughnut effect on my tips.  This may be a symptom of my “white belt” of Tae Kwon Twist but this Fisticuffs Mustache Wax helped me look like the Chuck Norris of facial hair – and that’s saying something!

The wax goes on easy and blends into the hairs like a champ without me begging or whipping out power tools.  It also tolerates some tampering without always having to whip out more curl sauce.


The first time I met this wax, I had my doubts because it comes out of the tin far easier than Dandy Candy and I was already having “hold” issues with that brand.  Then I spun it in and saw my doubts fall away because this wax performs like a well-equipped Swiss Army Knife in my experience.  If I want a simple point or just to control the rebellious few – it does exactly what I ask.  In the case that I want a miracle curl, I throw in a little more and my sweet miracle is realized and without the appearance that I caught the wrong end of a seagull’s lunch in my lippy-dee-do.  The great news is I don’t need to exhaust the tin to fill any facial hair requests.


The aroma really is therapeutic and nice to have near my sniffer.  We have a lot of lavender naturally growing around Southern California too, so I can get away with this scent in the anti-hippie cowboy establishments of the ranch town I live in, and still dovetail right into the self-important streets of SoCal without being targeted by hostile Prius drivers late for their yoga classes.  The t-shirt is also high in the quality factor, fits well and to size, and I love the Viking graphic.  Overall, I’m very pleased with all of the products I’ve purchased from Fisticuffs, and look forward to trying more.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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