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Five O’clock Products – Moustache wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
Much better suited to a natural style

Website: The Five O’clock products Moustache Wax can be found here

Price when purchased: £3.99

Delivery feedback:

Loved the package that this wax came in a hand made well presented box with a great wax seal and a lovely personal type written note as can be seen in the review of the Five O’clock products Beard Oil.

Container type/size:   15ml screw cap tin


This scent is quite interesting and draws its aroma from not only the essential oils of Bay and Vanilla but I get the subtle hint of the cocoa butter that forms part of the ingredients.  It’s quite a strong and sweet smell that has an element of aromatic spice, it’s not unfamiliar and yet I cannot put my finger on the origins of where I know the scent from.  The bay features heavily at first and the sweet warm vanilla notes are there but take their time coming to your attention, it’s a well balanced smell that puts a smile on my face when I take a breath in which lasts well into the afternoon.


The wax from the tin is quite soft and flakes out with a deft thumb nail push.  The flakes can then be rolled into some form of a ball and then it really softens in your fingers turning almost into a cream if you squeeze it.  This softness is a real plus as the application to the hairs is very easy indeed, the ease of application is great because there is less trauma, which is always a bonus, and its spreads and coats the hairs nicely.  I didn’t need to use the hairdryer, just my finger heat to smooth things through and then used my comb to spread out the hairs to form the shape.  The wax did respond well to a cold blast allowing for a nice setting of the shape


The hold of this wax left me a little wanting on the first application, I went relatively lightly at first and found that I needed more to bring the curls together.  Once I added more it became apparent that the weight of the wax became its own enemy and my curls dropped and I had centre hairs in my mouth. So at first it appeared that tight curls would not be adorning my face.  The website suggests it’s a firm wax but it was not the case for me sadly. HOWEVER you will be pleased to know that when I set the shape of my moustache firmly with the hairdryer as in my video and applied this wax lightly it gave me a very natural and perfect softly styled moustache and there were no hair slippages.


Putting the initial issues of hold aside I really enjoyed wearing this wax, it felt great once in my moustache and the hairs themselves felt silky and looked healthy not to mention a nice thick and bushy style.  The wax washed out with relative ease too and so if you want an all natural soft and flexible wax then this might be for you. This is a nice soft easy hold wax for me, it cannot hold an extreme styling but it does deserve a place in your setup if you need something soft and forgiving.








FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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