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Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap

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Grandpas Pine Tar Soap

A number of people stock Grandpa’s Pine tar soap, so its likely you don’t need to go to the source to get it, however if you want to learn more about it then check out this website here.

Many times I see the question “what is best to wash my beard with?”  The answer given online seems almost every time to be “get yourself some Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap, its great” It’s not the answer I give because up until this point I had not used it of course. But thanks to my good chum at MillTown Beard Co I got to finally give it a try.  The first thing that comes across is the smell, long before the package was even open I could get that unmistakable pine tar scent.  If you know this soap then you know exactly what I mean, personally I absolutely love it, its campfires and black tea.  For me its a wonderful emotive and strong feeling of happiness and being content, it just makes me smile.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Water, Glycerin, Pinus Palustris Wood Tar, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Gluconate. *May also contain Sodium Palm Kernelate.

The bar out of the vintage style cardboard box is a lovely thing, a nice caramel colour that is branded, confirming you have in your hand the “Grandpa’s Pine Tar Wonder Soap” its big bold and a no-nonsense style that fits nicely with the product.  The recipe has a fine heritage and goes back to the days of innovation, discovery and life in the great outdoors and all of this is delivered to you in the soap and somehow all this adds to the experience of soaping up.

In the shower the soap is a great performer, I don’t mean it does a great tap dance, see what I did there? What I mean is that the way in which the soap lathers is really quite unexpected and a small amount of soap goes a long way.  The lather is rich and silky and whether you use it just on your beard or from head to toe as I do it feels really good.  It rinses out easily too leaving you feeling incredibly clean and smelling like campfires with a hint of soap.  Once you are dried off with whatever method you prefer it’s certainly noticeable how clean your skin feels and the facial hair feels super, not dry or brittle in any way and that’s exactly what you need for a soap you are looking to be kind to you. I have to report that the skin feel was a little less positive for me as I found my soul patch area (just under the lower lip) and the edges of my neckbeard showed signs of drying out and beardruff. It’s not something that many others report so perhaps I’m an isolated case on that front but that considered I would still choose Grandpa’s over a commercial soap.

The following and reputation of Grandpas is well deserved in my opinion its a sturdy and manly product yet has great function and is in no way a gimmick.  The scent may not be for everyone, it’s an intense smokey scent but if you get the chance to try it then I definitely think you should, especially if you are relying on head hair shampoo.


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