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This website has been up and running for a few years now and from a busy and vibrant start things have somewhat slowed over the last year for me in regard to output and I’ll cover the reason for that in a moment, some of you might be able to guess the culprit but for those new to the site let’s have some background shall we?

Some time back in the twilight of 2012 I took part in my first ever Movember and while I enjoyed the month it had a lasting effect on me, this effect was one of fondness and attachment to the blond hairs that sprouted happily from my lip, simply put I fell in love with my moustache.  The month of Movember was drawing  to an end and I just didn’t want to say goodbye to my baby moustache.  I made a promise to myself and the students in the school I worked in at the time that should we raise £1000 I would keep my moustache for a whole year and though we didn’t quite get there I had already set my mind to it.  I will also admit that this promise was also made by way of an excuse to get away with  growing a large Handlebar Moustache (an excuse that also served to “OK” it with my wife), my facial hair journey had truly begun!

As the lip lawn got bigger and longer it became harder to manage and maintain, something many guys go through of course and so I set about trying to find somewhere that I could refer to, a website, some reviews of products, something that would help me tame this thing.  What I noticed was that there wasn’t anyone active at that point trialling products and writing reviews and as I like to be informed on something before I buy it I set about starting this site before you now.

Leap forward  6 months (come on keep up) and it became apparent to me after joining the Handlebar Forum that a natural handlebar was more for me, though I still enjoyed reviewing wax and other products I had discovered Lanolin was the single best thing for my facial hair but it lacked the scent I enjoyed and so I started to combine it with the beard oils that I was privy to testing.  This was the turning point for me, I knew that the hirsute folk of the world needed some Lanolin love in their lives and on their face, my new project was born.

So with a new venture taking up most of my spare time I was finding it hard to commit to running reviews but in all honesty that wasn’t the whole issue.  I just found it quite hard to think about putting my review hat on when I was still wearing a new shiny product makers hat.  I’ve wrestled with how to balance the two roles and how people might perceive that duality as I have always maintained honesty in my reviews and would people believe I was being honest?

I’d like to make a promise to you that all reviews on this site have always been about the products function rather than directly comparing its performance to others in the market place.  I will continue with this ethos moving forward and though I use my product and obviously believe in it I will not mention it in my reviews out of respect to the other brands featured.

I  make no apology however for the adverts (my children need food *cheeky wink*) that you will find across this website, if you are intrigued then please check it out.  If not then simply ignore it.

So now I have got that seemingly unimportant weight off of my chest I will try to press on with the delightful reviews that I know you all love.

Watch this space my friends…..

FineFettle Beard Conditioner


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