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Hirsute Hero – Adam Jones

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Just look at this fine fellow.check out Adam's monster beard

The fine gentleman that features here is actually a real inspiration to me, he is one of the very few people whose moustache I coveted, its is simply one if the best I have ever seen.  He also has a stupendously good beard and I seek to model my facial hair on the beautiful face fuzz that adorns his face.  As a man Adam sets a fine example as a true family man and is a big influence on others in the bearding world so without further adieu I give you the man himself…


Adam Jones

Who are you?

I’m a simple Canadian family man. 36 years old. 2 amazing boys and a lovely wife.
Jack of all trades master of none. I consider myself an artistic person, and have made a living using
many different mediums to express my creativity between run of the mill rent paying jobs.

Type of Facial Hair?

Full Beard

Years in Service?

1-5 years

Hirsute for Happiness believes that a hair face is a happy face, do you agree?


Who inspired you to grow?

My Hirsute Hero is the man himself Hirsute Forhappiness.
Full of knowledge and always willing to help and encourage.
An inspiration and outright great guy.

Does having facial hair change you and it what way?

I’ve struggled with low self esteem and depression most my life and my beard and the beard community have helped me gain strength and confidence in my everyday life.

Does your facial hair draw attention and does that bother you?

Yes and No….
Having anxiety issues makes the attention hard to deal with sometimes but the positive feedback has helped a lot with my self confidence, so I guess it’s kind of a love hate thing.

Would you change anything about your look?

Time and patience is going to take care of that 😛

Has anything happened to you because of your face?

I could go on for hours with this question….
A couple that stand out of the top of my head would be winning local beard comp, running a social media group of bearded men. Having Jason Mewes personal compliment my stache out of a crowd.

Is your face a champion?

I certainly think it is! Although the WBMA does not agree.
I have won a couple local bar comps.

Does your beard/moustache have a name?

Uhm no. Beard and Moustache ??

Do you have a specific routine of care and styling?

I like to try new things, but I’ve got some great tips and advice from different more experienced growers.
I use balms and or oils 2-3 times a week.
I love to learn and am always open to trying new techniques and tricks.

What’s the weirdest thing you have heard someone use on the hairs?

Nipple cream (Lansinoh)
Who new it was pure gold for your stache.

Do you have any non bearding hobbies?

I’ve always got something on the go. I like to stay busy and create with my hands.
I’ve been doing a lot of photography and graphic design lately. I am a PADI certified SCUBA diver, and am also about to get into urban farming with some chickens.

Any tips for an aspiring beard or moustache grower?

Time and patience, let it grow!
I heard something awhile back that really stuck with me and has gotten me through some of the cut it all off stages…. Don’t ever do anything without 3 days of thought. Chances are you will have a great beard/stache day within those 3 and change your mind.

What is better; A unicorn with a moustache, penguins with beards, horses with chops?

penguins with beards?

Favourite Famous beard/Moustache?

Yosemite Sam


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