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Hirsute Hero – Jackie Lynn Ellison

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The next to feature in the Hirsute Hero gallery is a true gent and a real inspiration to me.  I was made aware of this fine chap and his impressive face furniture from another of our Hirsute Hero’s (Eric J Tischler) website.  I had the pleasure to meet Jackie and briefly chat with him at the British Beard and Moustache competition, he is a thoroughly nice chap, engaging and as you will see from his answers witty too.


Jackie Lynn Ellison

Who are you?

Tim & April’s son. 31, M, looking to party.

Type of Facial Hair?


Years in Service?

1-5 years

Hirsute for Happiness believes that a hair face is a happy face, do you agree?


Who inspired you to grow?

Wolfgang Schneider. I found a photo of Wolfgang after I grew a moustache, but I was undoubtedly impressed by his natural growth.

The first time I met him I found his disposition of character was just as magnificent as his moustache.

Does having facial hair change you and it what way?

I think its a good social precursor. Confidence? I can’t see what I look like in public, I just imagine I’m doing everything in a somewhat acceptable manner. I felt like I had a moustache before I had one.

Does your facial hair draw attention and does that bother you?

Of course, it’s still taboo in most cities in America. Even with pop culture beating it to death, I see many people genuinely surprised a large moustached man exists outside of cartoons.

It bothers me if I’ve got my head up my ass. If you’re a practicing exhibitionist, then you signed up for it. Own it, and love your brothers, and sisters.

Would you change anything about your look?

Maybe add some wings, and a tail. Talons for good measure. Maybe even go for a totally new skin color, like chartreuse, or something metallic.

Has anything happened to you because of your face?

I gained a family of alcoholics, and genuine lovers.

Is your face a champion?

I am the current British National Handlebar Moustache Champion. I’ve placed first in more than a dozen American competitions, in styled, and natural Moustache categories.

Does your beard/moustache have a name?

American Imperial Handlebar.

Do you have a specific routine of care and styling?

I believe styling is an artistic endeavor, you have to go in with a vision, then try to execute in great detail.

What’s the weirdest thing you have heard someone use on the hairs?

Anything but Dream Beard! Wow mega plug alert!

Do you have any non bearding hobbies?

I like to noodle around on different instruments, fix Rubik’s cubes, and draw stuff that makes me feel some type of way.

Any tips for an aspiring beard or moustache grower?

Don’t shave. But if you do, take care and leave some.

Favourite Famous beard/moustache?

Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview in “There Will Be Blood”. He’s worn larger moustaches, but that moustache fits his character in a bold, tasteful way. As it should be.

What is better; A unicorn with a moustache, penguins with beards, horses with chops?

horses with chops?

Is there anything missing from the questionnaire?

Had the last multiple choice not been there I’d have something, but that was the cherry on top!

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