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Hirsute Hero – Nicholas “Dubs” Watford

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This fine Hirsute hero is a real character with an incredible moustache, he also happens to make the best moustache wax in my opinion and has recently added beard oils and balms and hair pomade to his range.  Read on to learn more about the man….


Nicholas Watford aka Dubs

Who are you?

Hello Follicle Aficionados,

I am Dubs, the founder and owner of Dubs Stache Wax (www.DubsStacheWax.com). I have been competing in facial hair competitions since 2009 and after not being able to find a wax suitable for my style, without any harsh chemicals, I set out to create one. I created Dubs men’s grooming products in 2011 and within a year Dubs Stache Wax really took off and allowed me the freedom to pursue this adventure full-time.

Over the years Dubs Stache Wax has gained a great following, and I have been able to create an annual Dubs Beard and Moustache Competition that draws in roughly 600+ people from all over the country to Southern California to compete and flaunt their hairy greatness for prizes, cash and of course bragging rights.

I was really inspired after my first competition and realized how great everyone was in this community. The camaraderie is incredible. I have been extremely fortunate and grateful for the people in my life who have helped push me to make this happen. Dubs is currently selling up to hundreds of men’s grooming products a day through its sites, e-commerce, retailers and power sellers.



Type of Facial Hair?


Years in Service?

5-10 years

Hirsute for Happiness believes that a hair face is a happy face, do you agree?


Who inspired you to grow?

Well, hands down, it was my uncle. Since I was a child he always had a gnarly handlebar. He use to call it the bicycle stache, because it looked like two wheels when he curled it. Same with my Pops. I can’t remember a time when my Dad didn’t have some sort of facial hair. He still rocks a fantastic beard! They absolutely still inspire me and that is why 90% of the time I rock full curls.

Does having facial hair change you and it what way?

Not really, I kinda of can go several weeks without looking in a mirror. Thats why I have so few selfies :}>

Does your facial hair draw attention and does that bother you?

Yes it absolutely draws attention and I don’t mind. At first, many years ago I would walk in a store and people would laugh or parents would grab their kids and hold them a little closer and say “Don’t go near him, he’s sinister and will make you lose your virginity.” Then all of a sudden facial hair became extremely popular and acceptable. Nowadays, I can’t go anywhere without someone wanting a picture or asking if my mustache is real and how long it took to grow, what do I use, etc. I am my own walking advertisement for my products. It’s a win win for me!

Would you change anything about your look?

Well I don’t know how to answer that, Do I look bad?

Has anything happened to you because of your face?

Ya I got married and had a kid.

Really though it has allowed me to live my dream.

Is your face a champion?

Well when I do look in the mirror I hear “Eye of the Tiger”. Does that count?

Does your beard/moustache have a name?

Stanley and don’t wear it out!

Do you have a specific routine of care and styling?

I always use my Dubs Firm hold (shameless plug I know)
I have a few links of application for your viewing pleasure.

What’s the weirdest thing you have heard someone use on the hairs?

Honestly, I was at a competition and asked everyone this same question. A guy told me his roomie use to use urine. He went on telling me all the properties and health benefits, about how it has been used for many years in other parts of the world. Needless to say I was in shock, but hey, to each their own.

I really think it was him.

Do you have any non bearding hobbies?

Well I thought you would never ask. I enjoy long walks on the beach, deep conversation, holding hands, romance novels, pruning the garden, skinny dipping, picking lent from my belly button and piggy-back rides. Oh, and dinner by moonlight.

Any tips for an aspiring beard or moustache grower?

Time, patience and a good diet. Read up on current facial hair news/events and just have fun with it. 40% is the hair 60% is your character.

What is better; A unicorn with a moustache, penguins with beards, horses with chops?

horses with chops?

Favourite Famous beard/Moustache?

The late great Captain Lou Albano

Is there anything missing from the questionnaire?

You done well my friend

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