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Hirsute Hero – Robert Kuhn

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quite possibly my favourite beard 
 Meet Bob's Biblical beard

Here is another fine gentleman who totally embraces his natural beard and all for the better in my opinion.  While many of us strive for something we cannot achieve, like a moustache like Jackie or a six pack like me (I wish) our next Hirsute Hero takes the idea of “rock what you got” in his stride,  I don’t think I have seen another beard like it, it is god like, in fact I dare you to think of an Ancient God and then compare it to Robert,  chances are Robert’s beard puts them to shame!  Read on and meet Robert and his beard and do check him out on instagram.


Robert Kuhn

Who are you?


My name is Robert Kuhn, I am a 59 year old bearded man who has had facial hair of some sort since I was in the 9th grade.

I reside in Londonderry Township in the state of Pennsylvania, in the US.

Mustaches, goatee’s, full beard etc. I’ve had them all, but never were they over 2-3 inches in length due to school or job guidelines.

There were 2 years that I was completely shaven when I sold real estate for a large company that frowned on facial hair.

In my current job in quality control there is no policy regarding facial hair. I do keep it tied up at work, even though there are no safety issues that would necessitate doing so.

My maternal and paternal ancestors were both from the regions of the North Sea and there seems to be a lot of great beards on people with genetics from that area of the world, I am fortunate in that respect.

If you are interested in seeing a pictorial of my bearded journey, I do have an Instagram page at: www.instagram.com/alfadir_of_asgard

Type of Facial Hair?

full beard

Years in Service?

since like forever!

Hirsute for Happiness believes that a hair face is a happy face, do you agree?


Who inspired you to grow?

My uncle Ben was my first inspiration, with his shoulder length straight black hair and black full beard during the late 60’s and 70’s.

My “Let it Grow” inspiration was a friend of mine, Mike’s beard was spectacular and was down to his belt line. Mike encouraged me, and after several initial attempts, and trim backs, I finally had the fortitude and was determined to Let it Grow!

To my surprise my wavy but short beard grew into a fantastically curly beard as it got longer. With greater length though, the weight of the beard has relaxed the curls somewhat, but it still looks good in my opinion.

Does having facial hair change you and it what way?

I have always been a relatively reserved person in social situations, but have opened up a bit more recently and I do contribute that to interaction with new people I meet online and in person.

Does your facial hair draw attention and does that bother you?

Since my beard is primarily white now I get a lot of children staring at me and whispering “Santa” to their parents but I guess that is to be expected, Lol.

I do get a ton of compliments from people bearded and non-bearded which that makes me feel good, and the people I’ve met from those encounters is great.

Would you change anything about your look?

Maybe to look about 20 years younger, Lol!, but since I am an older gent I might as well look as good as I can and I think my beard helps me to achieve that.

Has anything happened to you because of your face?

I have had tattoo artists use my likeness to design tattoo’s, and artists do drawings of me which to me is very flattering.

I also was invited to fly to the UK for a charitable portrait and beard exhibition but was unable to go to do work obligations ect. The charity is raising awareness about skin melanoma and I would have really like to have participated since my youngest daughter had a cancerous melanoma removed a couple of years ago.

Is your face a champion?

Being curious about beard competitions, my wife and I went to The Bearding Man Music Festival last fall in Shippensburg, Pa. My intent was to be only a spectator to see all the great beards and learn more about beard competitions. At the door when entering, the ticket and registration desk people insisted that I register for the competition. My wife said go for it so I did although I was only dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. I ended up winning 2nd place in the under 10 inch full beard category much to my surprise, Lol.
I do want to enter more competitions once my beard is where I feel it is competition worthy of winning a larger competition, hopefully within the next year or so (currently 21 months old). Of course I would need a sponsor at that time that feels I could contribute to their company goals.

Does your beard/moustache have a name?

It has no name, although I get a lot of people saying they swear I look like Odin, Zues, Poseidon, Jupiter, Moses and of course Santa, Lol!

Do you have a specific routine of care and styling?

Just wash gently once a week with a gentle shampoo, apply conditioner, lightly rinse, gently blow dry with cool air and I do not use a brush or comb on my beard, just my fingers. I do use a boars hair brush on the stash only. I make my own beard oil and balm tailored made by me, for me.

What’s the weirdest thing you have heard someone use on the hairs?

None that I can think of.

Do you have any non bearding hobbies?

Going to flea markets looking for antiques, going to car shows, posting updates on Instagram, Lol!

Any tips for an aspiring beard or moustache grower?

If you are able to let it grow, at least try it once in your life so you can see how nature intended you to be. That in itself to me is worth it… knowing what you really look like, as compared to how society wants you to look.

What is better; A unicorn with a moustache, penguins with beards, horses with chops?

penguins with beards?

Favourite Famous beard/Moustache?

The guys on Whisker Wars!


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