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Hirsute Hero – Xanda O’Peagrim

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It brings me great joy to introduce one of the most majestic beards I have seen, there is something incredibly comforting about this Hirsute Hero as if his fine beard and moustache speak of honesty and wisdom, or maybe it just looks so perfect I want to climb in there.  I have been following our next hero for some time on Instagram and I really feel that you should to, I’ll let Xanda talk to you and you might understand why…


Xanda O’Peagrim

Who are you?

I’m the only bearded member of an entire family of determined beard-haters.

Type of Facial Hair?

Full beard – with moustache sometimes styled, sometimes natural.

Years in Service?

I’ve had facial hair since the age of seventeen. Moustached at first, then continuously bearded for the last twenty-three years, (leaving it to grow untrimmed for the last four).

Hirsute for Happiness believes that a hair face is a happy face, do you agree?

Even though my smile is completely hidden, yes, there’s usually a happy face beneath my beard. Facial hair just feels right to me; I can’t imagine being without it. It’s a home-grown scarf, a nifty crumb-repository, and efficiently hides my double-chin.

Who inspired you to grow?

I can’t pin that down to any one person. I just always liked facial hair and knew I’d graduate from a short dark beard to long silvery-white whiskers one day. I hadn’t planned it for another decade or two – but after a disastrously short trim four years ago, I promised myself I’d try a full year without trimming. By the time my Yeard had grown, (rather whiter than I expected), I had no desire to ever trim again.

Does having facial hair change you and it what way?

Because growing a beard takes time and cannot be speeded-up, I think it teaches us the benefits of focussing patiently on long-term goals. During that growth period we soon realise that some people won’t like how we look, and that’s okay – we can’t please everyone. We learn not to be swayed by the opinions of others, and gain a new strength and determination to simply be ourselves. Once we stop hiding who we are by shaving and let our true appearance grow, I think we also grow as a person, not only becoming more comfortable with how we look, but, more importantly, who we truly are.

Does your facial hair draw attention and does that bother you?

Yes, it does draw attention. I’ve gradually grown used to it. Most people are polite – however, a few have been astonishingly rude. I’ve occasionally been stalked by predatory photographers trying to take pictures without asking, and that feels intrusive. Like most big-bearded men I’m very comfortable with how I look – but that doesn’t mean I’m seeking attention. I truly envy men who lived in Victorian times when big beards the norm and didn’t raise eyebrows!

Would you change anything about your look?

A longer, thicker, fuller beard would be nice.

Has anything happened to you because of your face?

I sometimes get asked to road-test beard oils or other moustache/beard-care products.

Is your face a champion?

I’ve not competed in any facial hair competitions – although I did enter the first British Beard & Moustache Championships in 2012, but on the day I decided not to compete. I enjoyed the occasion as a spectator instead. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend in 2014.

Does your beard/moustache have a name?

No! Do people actually do that?

Do you have a specific routine of care and styling?

I regularly use Lush Kalamazoo beard cleanser (rather than a shampoo). I can’t recommend it enough. When I condition I use Lush Retread. Once a week I’ll intensively condition by leaving Lush R&B in overnight, then rinsing in the morning. I also think good beard-care starts on the inside – a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

What’s the weirdest thing you have heard someone use on the hairs?

Someone once recommended honey to style the moustache. I tried it. Very messy and unpleasant!

Do you have any non bearding hobbies?

I’m a musician (pianist and classical thereminist); avid reader and tea-drinker; I also enjoy baking, photography, and playing Scrabble.

Any tips for an aspiring beard or moustache grower?

Treat yourself to a good quality wide-toothed beard comb if you’re growing a long beard. Dragging a narrow-toothed plastic head-hair comb through a long beard will damage and break the hair.
If you’re growing your first beard never trim it or shave it off in an impulsive moment of discouragement. You’ll likely regret it. Always wait two or three days then reassess the situation. Hopefully, by then, temporary feelings of negativity or impatience will have past.

What is better; A unicorn with a moustache, penguins with beards, horses with chops?

unicorns with moustaches

Favourite Famous beard/Moustache?

Favourite famous Beard – Angelo Gallmini. Favourite famous moustache – Sir Edward Elgar.

Is there anything missing from the questionnaire?

Not that I can think of.

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