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How to Grow a Moustache Tache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website:  Purchase from the amazon store here

Price when purchased:  £7

Delivery feedback:  Very prompt, well packaged

Container type/size:  1 oz Screw cap flat tin

Aroma:  Fresh Bay Rum – Its gorgeous


As you can see in the gallery below the wax is very light and does not show even in my blond tash.  To extract the wax I found the bulldozer push  forward technique far better than trying to scrape the wax out, it is very firm in the tin but warms quickly with little work and spreads nicely on your finger tips. I suggest the crayoning approach for the main body of the moustache and a light pinch and pull from the corners of the mouth. Use a hairdryer on low heat and a fine comb to even the wax out, shape and then cold blast the hair dryer to set.


 The label on the back states medium to firm and I say that’s about right, enough movement that you don’t feel like a  ventriloquist but plenty of hold to keep the hairs exactly where you want them, ok for a 50mph window down…


I was approached by Douglas at How To Grow a Moustache to see if I would like to review their  own branded wax and of course I was delighted.  I was eager to receive it due to the fact that the  all natural organic ingredients would make for a lovely product.  The scent was also an exciting prospect as I could not quite get my head around what Bay Rum would smell like other than well erm rum and I wasn’t entirely sure whether I would enjoy the smell, or be reminded of that episode of “one too many” in my youth.   I opened the padded envelope and pulled out the treasure from inside, a nice solid tin, sealed in a zip lock bag for freshness and a lovely little card that made me smile remarking on the virtues of growing facial hair.  It was a nice touch and gave the impression that the product was something that its creator cares deeply about.  With the excitement of a small child opening a a present I prised the screw cap off and the beautiful scent filled my nostrils, absolutely on the money for a lovely unique scent but in no way overpowering or offensive.  I do believe I had a big smile on my face.

I’ve covered the application above and it certainly was able to hold and allow a couple of styles over the few days that I have worn it, the pictures below will give you some idea.  Its kept hairs out of my mouth all day, maintained the centre parting and held the tips wherever I set them in the morning, I had no issue with needing to keep primping, only after eating, but that is standard no matter what product I use.  The scent appears from time to time, but its lovely and different to most other scents on the market.  I would suggest you try this wax, you will not be disappointed. A good quality well thought out product that I have suspicion of being my go to wax.

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FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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