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Irish Beard Balm – Oil and Balm

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The Irish beard balm products came about after the creator and brains behind the brand found himself wanting when he used other products.  This set him off on a quest to research and develop the kind of beard product that he needed to keep his beard happy, light and natural.  In various trials according to the website our man Kevin experimented with many different ingredients and settled in the end for a product free from butters and relying on all the organic natural ingredients of : Irish beard balm is a special blend of Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Hemp oil, and Bee’s wax. 

A result of this dedication to beard health is in my possession, in fact I got two examples, a tin of Cinnamon Balm and a bottle of beard oil in the post.  Interestingly the postal service perhaps thought it was a football or maybe a battering ram because it arrived in a very sorry state with the beard oil leaking from a broken bottle.  Kevin however is a thoughtful chap and this foresight meant that the zip lock bag he placed the products in kept the oil contained preventing soiling and spillage, hoorah!  This also meant that when I opened the package I could decant the oil into a spare bottle and still enjoy its face hair enriching properties.

Beard Balm

So I got me a cinnamon one, if you pay attention I am not a huge fan of this as a scent  but the balance of this spice with the other natural ingredients works rather well with the woody earthiness pulling it away from the intense spice hit.  It reminds very much of the Fireball Gobstoppers from back in the day when a trip to the sweet shop was one of excitement and fulfilment with very little to beat it.  There’s a nice tingle on the skin with the hair follicles getting stimulated nicely as cinnamon has great health properties that benefit the skin including anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties to name a few.  What this means for us is that the beard balm ingredients are getting a nice little boost meaning our skin feels refreshed and invigorated.

To apply the wax its pretty simple, the screw cap tin when opened reveals a deep green product that is soft to the touch and extracts easily, the wax element is not too noticeable with the oils having cut it rather well.  You only need a small amount too as the balm releases with your skin temperature into a very slick, thick and shiny oil to get on your face.  I run my finger tips and palms through the beard working the balm down to the skin, then comb it through a few times to evenly distribute and then comb and style into place.  Having a thick beard I found this product wasn’t offering a massive hold element, but then I don’t like that and prefer a natural finish, but it did soften my beard and the boon for me was the ease of which I could run a comb through.  My wife commented a number of times how good my beard looked and felt, shiny soft and easy to comb and had a long term effect which means that the product will be one I go back to from time to time. If you prefer your balm to have more strength to it rather than a conditioning bias then you can opt for the new “Hold” range whereby the balm will be tailored to suit your needs, check the website for more details.

Beard Oil

Green, its green not a “don’t show superman” green but more an absinthe vintage bottle type of green.  It looks delightful, smells delightful and feels delightful and that’s because the ingredients are well, delightful.

Ingredients : argan oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil.

Aside from the noticeable colour of the oil the scent and silkiness is something that I found very pleasing, the liquid is quite thick but once you have a few drops on your fingers and stroke it into your hairs and skin it goes in with ease.  I find that when I wear this oil I can run the comb through very easily with no tugging in my more dense curliest areas so that’s a big win for me as my beard is softened and more manageable.  The small amount of greasiness left on my fingers soon soaks in and this is also true of the oil on my face where it leaves no greasy residue.

Softness- I am very impressed with the softness and feel of my facial hair when using this beard oil, it conditions well and deeply with the effects lasting a long time.  I didn’t feel the need to reapply like I often do with oils that feature argan oil and I think the secret here is the hemp, apricot and avocado oils which are a real boost to skin and hair health.  My wife also commented that my beard felt very soft and this is a massive thing as she is often indifferent when I talk about “another beard oil.”

Shine- I simply loved the look of my beard and moustache with this oil, the shine is perfect and natural and the hairs look deeply nourished and conditioned from tip to tip.  This is most positive not only for those who gazed upon my face and commented positively but also wearing it you feel confident and assured that your beard is in perfect order.

Scent- It’s a simple and traditional aroma that I have in the form of Lavender, its one of my favourite essentials not just because it smells clean and lovely but it has a relaxing and soothing effect on me.  The slightly floral scent is sill quite punchy and as the day goes by there are little wafts of luscious lavender as you swish your face about the place.

The two products are really good on their own but when you mix them up, balm in the morning oil in the evening or however you prefer to do it then something magical happens, the result being a superbly nourished and healthy face of fur.  I will say that mixing the scents of lavender and cinnamon doesn’t really work but the conditioning effects outweigh this.  Do make sure you look at the other excellent scent choices of Peppermint, Cinnamon, Log Cabin, ​Whisky Barrel, Lavender, ​Clove Bud, Citrus,Vapors as I am sure you will find something there to your liking.


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