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First Olympian Beard Oil – Jol

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This  beard oil along with many other wonderful products can be found here www.firstolympian.com/en/7-beard-oil

For a considerable length of time I have been drooling over the sensational picture feed of the frankly wonderful husband and wife team at First Olympian, in fact I have borrowed their pictures for this post as my phone camera keeps failing on me.  It’s certain that from the packaging and product presentation that here is a couple that value quality and have carefully thought through every aspect of their wonderful products.  The oil is sensational in terms of quality which I will go on to below but imagine a great product such as this delivered to you in less than splendid form in a tatty tub, you’d be no doubt less than impressed.  So there is no expense spared, the boxes are slick and stylish, the bottles top quality and authentic, then we have the sample bottles cleverly wrapped in a page from a book and sealed with wax. You will feel both special and proud to own it. Bravo First Olympian!

My excitement was high when I received my delivery of Jol, the limited edition Christmas Oil, as I could detect a faint whiff of wonder before I had even opened the package which offered hope and expectation. I relive this every time I open the bottle and wear it, dare I say I feel festive.

The Scent – I cannot convey easily how good this smell is, it really does smell like Christmas in a bottle and by that I don’t mean the commercial, mince pie, advent calendar, Christmas card for your dog, endless James Bond repeat type of Christmas, but the real Christmas. Nature’s Christmas.  Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful, this is a wonderful earthly scent and when I inhale this it triggers visuals of winter berries, spiced fruit, winter woodlands and cosy fires.  It’s a subtle and clever aroma that takes your nose on a journey with the elements of the smell drifting in and out all taking their turn like ethereal dancers and not a single one demanding centre stage, it is balanced and beautiful. The smell lasts all day with its delicate tones accompanying your nose rather than dominating, it’s a delight to wear.  Everyone that has smelled it (which is a lot of people as I keep getting people to smell it) has said it is Christmas, I think you will too.

The Consistency – This has a great consistency, its light enough so as not to coat your hands and hairs in grease but not too light that you lose it on the way to your face.  A small amount goes a long way and it works well down to the skin leaving you feeling cared for and conditioned.

The Appearance – You will shimmer and glisten wearing this oil, it gives a lovely light sheen to your hairs and things are certainly soft and silky about your face.  You will notice the hairs look and feel more healthy, its good quality and natural ingredients mean  your beard or moustache health will improve visibly.  I love to use this as an over night leave in conditioner too and in the morning shower the hot water releases the smell all over again plus the hairs are soft.

I am looking forward to eventually trying the other scents that First Olympian has to offer, each of them look superb.  If you wish to try Jol then hurry as its last shipping date is 19th December.  Say hello from me, perhaps the Gods will favour you…

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