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Known Felon Moustache Wax

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Website:  You can get this moustache wax here www.knownfelon.bigcartel.com

Price when purchased:    £6.25

Delivery feedback:    Very easy to contact and great communications, the wax arrived well packaged

Container type/size:   1oz. metal tin

*before I get into this I need to make it clear that this is an older recipe wax.  Known Felon’s future waxes will not contain Petroleum, see the new range here*


This is a tough one to describe, “Dragons Blood” hmmm, what should Dragon’s Blood smell like? Magic maybe, mystery, yes perhaps… I really am struggling here.  Don’t get me wrong its a truly pleasant smell, its quite heady and fragrant, strong and sweet with a hint of spice and reminds me a little of incense.  If I close my eyes and inhale I get these images flash through my head, Wild Orchids(which I have never smelled) spice markets, rainforests and a smoke machine.  Funny eh?  I do apologise if this is not really getting across the smell but there are a number of scents to choose from in the range so if this isn’t for you then perhaps the “Leather” “Bamboo and Green Tea” or “Sandalwood and Amber” will be to your liking.


Straight from the tin this is a very easy wax to use, its nice and soft and with a simple push you can extract a perfect usable ball of wax.  There is no need to heat the wax at all, its ready to go and application to the hairs is a breeze. It spread through well without clumping in the centre, but I do use wax very lightly in this area due to heaviness, and I was able to shape some very good curls.  I did note a little greasiness on my fingers but this went in my eyebrows and the moustache itself was not greasy to touch.


The hold was quite surprising considering how soft and pliable the wax was to use, I wasn’t expecting my hairs to stay where I left them to be honest, but even after a full days work and some pretty shocking weather my curls were tip top.  This is by no means a rock hard hold, the wax does allow some movement but it still maintains the shape of things, quite impressive indeed.


As I have stated earlier, this wax recipe is being phased out and Known Felon will no longer contain petroleum and in place of it there will be lanolin.  This is great news!  As you know I champion the use of lanolin and I don’t really like petroleum in a product, purely due to its reluctance to wash out, so my one issue with this product is a thing of the past so to speak.  I am very keen to try the new recipe when it is available to me, the difficulty will lie in what scent to choose though.  Just take a look at the website and you will see there are some wonderful sounding and original scents that certainly have my interests piqued as well as some more traditional aromas to excite ones nose.  Known felon is a good honest brand using top grade ingredients to bring you a very nice wax.

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5 Responses

  1. Known Felon Beard and Moustache Range | Hirsute for Happiness says

    […] time ago I reviewed the Known Felon Moustache Wax and good it was too but since then the beard and moustache range has undergone a change and […]

  2. Beamer Smith says

    Did you wacx the whole thing or just the ends.. or what.. Looks natural (which I’m guessing is what you are going for.. but application details would help..

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Beamer that’s a very good point, I did both actually just very light in the centre, a dusting you might say. The curls took most of the attention as you can see. I shall adjust the review accordingly, thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  3. Wes says

    Excellent look, Stu.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Thanks Wes, I was very pleased with the outcome. I hope you are well

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