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FineFettle Beard Conditioner

This rather magnificent creature is a Merino Sheep, the breed originally from Spain and over 50% of the different sheep breeds descend from them or are cross breed variants.  In Europe the focus of shepherds and farmers was to improve meat quality but in Australia the sheep have been selectively bred to produce an animal with superior wool quality and with that the animals can cope with temperatures from well below zero in the winter up to and above 35C in the summer.  The sheep have lots of wool and to keep that wool in perfect condition they secrete lanolin from glands which coats the wool fibres, doesn’t sound glamorous I know but it does an amazing job, and the breed produces the most lanolin.  The hair is waterproofed, does not dry out and is protected from the elements meaning that we get lovely conditioned wool to make our super soft jumpers as well those skirts for the little dolls that sit on the toilet rolls at your Auntie’s house.  So how is that relevant to me?

Those of you have have frequented the pages of this nonsensical site from time to time will know that I have on occasion mentioned that I use a specific Lanolin product to look after my moustache, its not a hair care product, but does contain the purest medical grade Lanolin, having gone through a refining process with all impurities removed.  The product in my arsenal is Lansinoh, if you have kids then you probably know what its for but if you are unsure go here and hold back the giggles.  I found out about the potential benefits of Lanolin on a thread by Nate on The HandlebarClub Forum (there’s a link in this thread that will get you there but both are useful) and new I had to try it out.  I did a quick google search and the results kept showing me Lansinoh Nipple cream and I was delighted to find some no longer in use for its primary function in the cupboard.

This is without doubt my favourite product, my moustache is in great condition and has lustre that in the sun has an amazing healthy sheen to it.  The moustache is soft, manageable and natural looking retaining all of its volume that is lost when you use wax.  The use of lanolin has dramatically improved the health of my moustache but of course its not the magic potion.  On days when I do not use it, like when  am reviewing waxes my moustache suffers the days when I’m lanolin free my tash is dry and feels and looks well, naff.  Its really hard to put into words but I will review the Lansinoh on the product page and do a comparison picture for you so you can see what I mean.

Lanolin has other benefits too, its used in many baby skin care products because its natural and so effective for skin conditions, rashes and sores.  People that suffer from dry skin benefit from it as Lanolin creates a breathable barrier and believed to create a “moisture reservoir” that studies show lasts up to 72 hours after application which helps to protect your skin for longer.  So when I comb it through my moustache it lays at the base of the hair looking after my skin preventing mo-druff as well as the hair being coated too.  You can overdo it though and it can clump so its best to use as little as possible and add more if needed.

One thing I would say is look at the colour of the lanolin product, the clearer whiter stuff has been refined and is cleaner and in a purer form.  There are some scaremonger articles online about lanolin but they seem to be referring to the unrefined straight off the dirty sheep  product which is a deep yellow fatty colour, where we get the term wool fat from which is another name for lanolin.  I seriously recommend you try a lanolin product, there are plenty out there, in fact  hair care or beard and moustache conditioners will contain it amongst others ingredients, so why not give it a go?

My small tube of nipple cream has lasted me 4 months and its about half way done so a pretty god investment at £9.  For those of you with monster beards I’ve been thinking about Lanolin oil so I might try and get some to trial as a spray form might be better for the more hirsute fellow.

Off you go chaps get to the pharmacy, in fact even ask the pharmacist as someone I know managed to get a “slab” cut from the counter, failing that get some nipple cream and try not to giggle as you leave the shop and step into the light.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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    […] handlebar was more for me, though I still enjoyed reviewing wax and other products I had discovered Lanolin was the single best thing for my facial hair but it lacked the scent I enjoyed and so I started to […]

  2. Scraffo says

    Hi mate,

    Listen, if you go to a compounding pharmacy you can get pure lanolin. It’s not in a “product”, it’s just plain lanolin. Dead cheap too.
    Rock on!

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Way ahead of you Scraffo, but I’ve gone even further. Generally the stuff sold as pure lanolin is just that however it’s often not well refined and smells like damp sheep. I have sourced the most refined lanolin available, oh yes! More on that to come

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