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www.handlebarclubforum.org/ A forum full of fun chaps with great Handlebar Moustaches.  An absolute must visit site with great tips and tricks.
handlebarmoustachelife.com/ Eric runs an outstanding site here, he is one of the nicest, positive and supportive gentlemen and his site is a trove of cool stuff and great for information too.
myepicmustache.blogspot.co.uk/ A great fun blog documenting the journey of one man as he discovers the joys of growing a handlebar moustache.
groomingandgaming.wordpress.com/ A beautiful insight into the incredibly funny man behind this site.  Reviews written in a very witty style, not only funny but very informative.
www.titlebeard.com/ For all your bearding needs look here, a great site for beard product reviews and beard care tips.
howtogrowamoustache.com/ A remarkably good website for all shaving and grooming needs, plus great interviews, videos and home to some of the best handmade products available
imperial-industries.com/ This is the web design company that is responsible for the look of Hirsute for Happiness.  If you need a site designed then give them a look
www.finefettlegrooming.com/ The place to go for an innovation in facial hair care, its my venture into the world of grooming products



8 Responses

  1. Danny Palmer says

    Hello there… I cant find the video on blow drying tash..perhaps overlooking it? love you video. I am a newbie and this is what I was hoping to find. thanks for help. Danny

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Danny, sorry for the delay I have had internet down for the weekend. I think you have already found the videos now?

  2. cappsie says

    Hi Stuart,

    Have you ever reviewed the Bownder wax?

    “Bounder is handmade in London by Mr. Wax to his own formula.
    Nothing else keeps your whiskers so stiff for so long!
    Contains Pure British Beeswax and fine Caribbean Rum.”


    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Cappsie,

      I tried it once and hated it if I’m honest, the application was awful, too sticky for my liking. However it has a very loyal following many of whom I respect greatly and so they convinced me to try a brand new tin as apparently it goes off. Doesn’t fill me with confidence but I will be wearing it sometime this week.

  3. Liam says

    Would you do a run down of your top five or ten beard oil? There are so many out there it’s hard to choose. I’ve used the first olympian range, which is excellent, and the oliver and jenkison ones from Manchester, quite good.
    All the best, great blog!

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hi Liam, that’s a really tough one to answer as I have not found an oil that doesn’t do what it should do. I really like the braw beard oils and yes first olympian is great, I’m going British with these recommendations as I’m assuming you are in UK so check out the are you bear face oils also? . What scent do you like?

      • Simon Powell says

        Hey, would it be possible for you to compile a list of UK based websites/retailers of beard oils and waxes?

        Cheers chap!

        • hirsuteforhappiness says

          Hey Simon, sorry I thought I’d replied. I have a feature in the making that will help you, I plan to add location info for all products. Watch this space

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