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Littlebits 1903 Moustache Wax Pomade

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website:  Visit the Etsy Store here

Price when purchased:  £6.50 plus postage

Delivery feedback:  Good communications and well packaged, delivery was prompt for overseas

Container type/size:  1 oz screw cap tin


I absolutely love the scent of this product, first of all you get the strong scent of clove and sage but then there is subtle citrus hint that is very pleasing.  Its a strong scent but it doesn’t overwhelm your day, definitely one of the more interesting aromas I have tried and certainly earns the “smell my face” tag


By admission of Alicia at Littlebits this product is different to most that are available due to it being a historical recreation of a recipe of over 100 years.  The ingredients used therefore do present you with a different approach to application, its not a bad thing, just a different thing so you may have to experiment to get the best out of it.  I found that you need to use a little and then build it up as necessary.  As it dries and cools the way it stiffens is different most likely due to the vaseline content.  Its easy to extract though and is very good at going into the hairs, using the usual bulldozer push and crayoning technique you can get a very good spread and coverage, comb through well using the hairdryer to keep things fluid, the absence of heat will see things setting before you have finished, however once you are finished styling the results are very pleasing.  I did notice it made my hairs seem lighter in colour, a consideration for the jet black chaps out there.


A good solid hold for this wax, easily “50mph windows down” hold, I felt very confident that my moustache would stay put all day, the curls were perfect and the lip hairs posed no problem and did not enter my any Oktoberfest beers!


I have to admit that when I stumbled upon this wax I was incredibly intrigued.  I’m not normally one for romantic nostalgia and I do not believe that everything was better in “the old days” with Leprosy and knitted swimwear being obvious examples.  However there was a draw to this pomade/wax that I couldn’t explain and I just had to try it.  I’ve often wondered and still intend to find out who made the first commercial moustache wax,  as the quote below from Alicia hints at though, most likely people made their own or perhaps it was a cottage industry, maybe it hasn’t really changed?

I am sure this wax may be a bit different than most. The whole goal of LBCC (LittleBits Cosmetics and Clothing) is to bring back actual historical recipes that haven’t been used in over 100 years. I hope you have been enjoying it.

Alicia is spot on there I had been enjoying it and this is unlike any of the other waxes.  The ingredients are different and the feel and hold is different, it was tough to wash out but if you are the type of gent who likes to leave the product in this is perfect as you will get a good few days of workable hold out of it.

More interestingly is that the section of the book that this recipe came from was was written by non other than a Mr Morse and should you take a look you will realise that I have that very surname.  It would be staggering to find out we were related and some 110 years later I was wearing something one of my ancestors created.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this wax, even before I was aware of any possible ancestral link, the smell is a real beauty, it holds very well, it is easy to tyle once you know how to work with it and the only drawback I can see is its harder, not impossible to wash out compared to other waxes.    I do think if you are a wax collector you should add this to your pile.  LLBC have lovingly recreated a great product with care and diligence and you cant ask for more than that.  Please visit their store and see the many wonderful items on offer.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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