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Louisiana Beard – Moustache Wax

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Louisiana Beard (4)


Website:   Check out the great store here

Price when purchased:  $8.oo

Delivery feedback:

 The moustache wax made its way across the pond in remarkably good time, packaged well with a nice little accompanying note

Container type/size:   1.0z

Ingredients:    organic coconut oil, beeswax, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil, rosemary


So its obvious that given the ingredients the wax has a rosemary scent, however there is a nice little jostle for your attention between the coconut oil and the rosemary.  The result being a pleasant sweet and almost menthol aroma which it’s perfectly strong enough to keep your attention throughout the day and yet I found it not to be overpowering.  It’s a well executed balance and I really enjoyed the way this made me feel when I went about my day with the rosemary definitely boosting my mood.


I cannot fault the application of this product, the extraction is very easy and with a simple push the wax yields and releases itself from the tin.  Once you have the wax in your finger tips you will notice that it feels soft and smooths into a silky paste without the need for the hairdryer so applying it to the hairs can be done almost instantly.  It’s then a case of getting it into your moustache and the usual crayoning technique was used, I advise having a light touch by almost dusting it on in sweeping motions outwards from the centre towards the tips.  You can also comb the wax through to prevent clumping and to spread the wax evenly, again no need for the hairdryer though you might want to work the fingers over the hairs to ensure its ready to style.  This wax works incredibly well for a natural look and so you can comb the shape and leave it and feel happy, should you prefer a tighter curl then this can be achieved also.  To get a more styled curl then apply an additional blob of wax to the base of your curl and then pinch and drag it out towards the tips, repeat this a few times and the wax is silky smooth and soft ready for shaping.  I use my fingers but if you use something to curl around such as a bottle or pen then get it ready and blast with cold air from the hairdryer, then step outside and await the comments.  I also tried the English style with this wax and though its was easy to create towards the end of the day it began to break up at the corner of my mouth.


The tin says firm but I think I would put it at a medium to firm hold due to the fact it didn’t hold a more extreme style for me.  However when it comes to every day styling then this has all the strength you need as the curls and natural styling were held well all day.  It also felt quite natural and not too stiff or heavy giving me confidence in my moustache all day.


So a really good and simple to use moustache wax product from the glorious chaps at Louisiana Beard that smells delightful, it’s incredibly easy and forgiving to use and I’m happy to report is easy to remove.  If you are new to waxing or a pro looking for something reliable and easy to work with as a daily user then I don’t think you will be disappointed here and I also think it would be good to have in your bag for touch ups.  I suggest you check out the websites I have provided for you and please say hi from me.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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