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Lucky Scruff – Beard Oil

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You can find the Lucky Scruff  hand crafted range all beautifully on display for sale here

If you have been checking in for a while on here you may remember that I had the pleasure of wearing and writing up the Lucky Scruff Moustache wax and a good showing it was too.

The website boasts some great produce not only the usual beard care but some nice looking brushes and combs and soap bars as well beer coolers, which all look splendid.  Beards and beer taken care of as well some good articles on care and maintenance and I really like the look of the Twenty Dollar Beard Club.

Lets talk about the oils shall we? Well yes otherwise I wont achieve what I have set out to do now will I? I will start the base oil ingredients which are : Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil and vitamin E a nice blend giving a light coloured oil that has a great thick consistency which your facial hair will soak up with gusto.  It’s very nice to apply, just start of with a few drops and spread it through and you will realise that a little will go a long way.  In my moustache I didn’t notice any greasiness and the very small amount of residue went happily into my eyebrows.

Softness- Within a few seconds this oil gets to work softening your face forest and even those with the most wiry of hairs will notice an improvement very quickly.  Even for my hairs which are very well conditioned I can feel this oil making my moustache feeling very soft and this lasts for some time too.  I quite enjoy using this oil when I get in from work and sit of an evening happy in the knowledge that my moustache will be in fine fettle in the morning. You can also feel its presence on your skin so it will work very well if you suffer from dry skin or flaky beardruff too.

Shine- I do find that beard oils containing sweet almond oil are very good for adding shine and lustre to my moustache and this oil certainly follows the trend.  It’s a dry looking sparkle making the hairs look very healthy without any hint of greasiness and this is further noticeable if you gently comb or brush through and then allow the oil to absorb.

Scent- I was very fortunate to be sent the Holy Oil and the Freedom Oil, both contain the same base oils listed above, I will say that if you open the bottle the scent doesn’t leap out at you but get it on your face and you will be happy.  The Freedom beard oil might not though as this has no added scent element yet there is a slight nutty smell to it when you get it under your nose and it’s quite pleasant.  This oil is ideal for those that perhaps use other scented products like pomades or deodorants or even moustache waxes and don’t want to confuse things.  It’s also very good for the type of chap that is sensitive to strong scent and finds them an intrusion or a distraction.  Moving on to the Holy Beard oil its very much as I described in the moustache wax review, a nice sweet scent that features the frankinscence and slightly fruity and earthy undertone from the mahogany oil.  The scent of the oil responds well to body heat and lingers nicely letting you know you are wearing something lovely on your face for some time.

Lucky Scruff is not only good quality in terms of ingredients it’s also very good for your pocket as the products are reasonably priced, showing that it’s not about the profit it’s about your beard and moustache. Any company that gets the needs of the Hirsute Gent and yet doesn’t exploit it is certainly deserves your support.  Please visit the store and say Hi from me.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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2 Responses

  1. Joseph B. says

    Hello good Sir, I just found this site via The Beard Baron and was wondering on your take which is the better product. Lucky Scruff or The Beard Baron? I do know the price difference between the two as that is a big factor but just curious on your opinion.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Joseph thanks for taking a look around the site and welcome. You will not be disappointed with either of these brands in my opinion, if I’m honest all beard oils that I’ve tried work great at softening and shine with the scent having the biggest impact on me. Go with your gut instinct my friend.

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