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Lucky Scruff – Moustache Wax

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Website:   You can get this Moustache wax plus other great products here

Price when purchased:   £9

Delivery feedback:      very good communications from Lucky scruff, very enthusiastic and helpful.  Package arrived well protected and promptly.

Container type/size:   2oz screw top metal tin


The Holy Moustache wax and oil, which I will review soon, gets it name I’m guessing from the fact that it contains Frankincense.  As far as I understand from the story this was given as a gift to baby Jesus, nappies might have been better but what do I know I’m not a wise man.  Corey the chap behind Lucky scruff just might be wise though (see what I did there?) as this scent is a triumph.  Frankincense is a sweet smelling fragrant oil but when mixed with the mahogany it has a great earthy tone to it.  The other ingredients include refined mango butter, argan oil and beeswax and so we get a lovely scent that is well-balanced against those.  I wouldn’t say it was a typical masculine scent, in fact it reminds me a little of a luxury candle, if you smell it I think you will get what I mean.  The scent has legs too and lasts most of the day giving you a nice pleasant whiff from time to time.


This wax is hard, not firm, hard.  So importantly  when you apply this be sure to have it nice and warm before you start, either carry it in your pocket, pop it near a radiator or use the heat from the hairdryer and your hairs will thank you, if you elect not to do this then you will lose some hairs. Once the wax is warmed however it’s actually very easy to use, a small amount of wax works well into the hairs as long as you keep working it with your fingers.  It pulled through very nicely to form a good curl and there was a nice even coating.  I always use the hairdryer on low heat to form the shape I want and then a cold blast to set it, this worked a treat.


I used only a light touch in the centre and this worked well to keep the hairs in place, so if you suffer from the odd hair in you mouth this wax will help you out.  On the curls it was a really good hold, I had a day out with the family strutting about the woods and rolling about in the garden and by dinner time the moustache was in pretty good condition. So we have a great hold here and even used light it seems to have strength.


This wax is a joy to wear actually, a pleasant scent that lasts and the hold is very good too.  I got a great deal of positive attention and lovely comments from people in the woods and I had absolute confidence in the wax as I went about my day.  If you take your time in the application you will be rewarded with a solid and reliable hold that feels silky smooth.  The washing out was about standard for the amount used and my moustache didn’t seem to have suffered from wearing the wax which is often a concern.  I think should you try this product you will be happy indeed.

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