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Mahoneys Beard Brew Oil

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The Mahoney’s Beard Brew website can be found here.

I had heard a bit of a buzz about the Mahoney’s Beard Brew on Instagram and Facebook beard groups so I had a big old grin when the lovely man himself Sean Mahoney got in touch.  Would I like to review his oil he asked and obviously I said yes, otherwise this piece would stop now and be a waste of everybody’s time!

The package arrived quite swiftly and I was very impressed with the little extras contained within, a couple of cool stickers and a rather excellent beer coozy for all them shenanskies I am no doubt about to get up to!  The small batch beard oil comes in a standard dark green glass bottle which serves to protect the delicate oils within from light damage with a screw cap.

Ingredients – hemp seed oil, apricot oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil and vitamin e oil.

I’ll be honest here, the bottle doesn’t show ingredients so rather than seek them out I decided to try the oil with an un-biased view and its only now as I write this that I learn of the ingredients used in the handcrafted oil.  Now that I see these ingredients its obvious why it performed as it did for me, you simply cannot find fault with the mix of carrier oils and their nutrients for beard and skin care. The oil feels quite light and not too thick given that it has castor oil and vitamin e which are both quite viscous, and can take a while to absorb, but the blend works well allowing very quick absorption and only a tiny greasy feel initially. After a few minutes all trace of the oil is gone leaving a nice hydrated yet dry feel.

Sotfness – The Mahoney’s beard brew oil performs most admirably when it comes to softening and conditioning beard and moustache hairs.  All of my facial hair seemed incredibly soft and pliable and the areas where I have a lot of curls had a cushiony soft bounce to them.  The feel of my skin was nice too with the hydrating oils offering some excellent deep conditioning  particularly as it has been a bit windy lately giving the hairs some much needed extra care and protection.  I love this oil late in the day but it works well at any time and the effects of the oil last a long time which is down to the castor and vitamin e.

Shine – It’s not an overly shiny effect from this oil to be honest, it does however give a very healthy appearance to the hairs.  This is partly due to the effective absorption of the oil into the skin and hair and so rather than sit on the surface shimmering its working deeper which is of course perfect.

Scent – The Octoberfest Oil is a spicy sweet and gorgeous little beast of a scent.  The initial hit is one of cinnamon which I’ve stated before is not a favourite of mine, thankfully though the cinnamon calls in some excellent partners for backup which please me greatly.  The cocoa and vanilla step in and offer a warming sweetness with a tiny floral hint from the lavender, it is simply wonderful.  The overall package of scents is something that suits well to relax and help me unwind and I have found myself grabbing this oil a lot lately.  This isn’t a scent that is a traditional one, but I love it for this, it’s a strong and confident aroma that lasts a good while.

The Mahoney’s Beard Brew is a great product using the right ingredients to create a very well executed product ideally suited to deal with any beading issues you might have.  The scent I have might not be everyone’s cup of tea but there are others available so get yourself to the website and say hi from me.



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