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Man Mask Beard Oil and Balm

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Its not very often that I start a review saying this, but do not buy the products I have here, instead buy this one please I haven’t used it but if the products I have used are anything to go by then you will be more than happy and also be showing your support to that most formidable partnership that is husband and wife.

Today I bring to your faces attention the much lauded and applauded Man Mask beard oil and balm, I have the Coco-nutty balm and beard oil plus the Pretty Ricky oil.  The man behind the brand offered to send me the products and I readily accepted, I was quite excited to try them for a couple of reasons.  The first being that I have heard a lot of good things about the oils, the Coco-nutty in particular, and I really like the simple straight approach to beard care.  The second reason is that our man Anthony seemed to be a pretty cool guy, very supportive on the social sites of other makers and an all round good egg.  This was confirmed when for reasons unknown the package got held at customs.  Anthony offered to pay the charges and joked about getting a decent review for his efforts, thankfully I don’t need to be bribed to say good things as I had a great time wearing them.  Once I got the package with incredibly well packed and protected produce inside I was hit with a delightful sweet coconut scent, even in the car on the way home I got to enjoy the aroma.  So you can imagine the thump of coconut I got when I opened the package, surprisingly good  considering I only really like coconut if its covered in chocolate.


Beard Oil

Ingredients- All Natural Carrier Oils including Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Aloe Vera Extract. 

The oil comes in an amber bottle, no dripper or pipette fitted and so a little care needs to be exercised when oiling up.  For bottles like this I prefer to upturn the bottle with a finger over the opening and do this for each finger of my left hand and then transfer the oil to my other fingers after carefully placing the bottle down.  The oil feels quite light, not in any form greasy and is very nice to apply as it transfers to the hairs and skin nicely and after stroking through the face forest I did not notice any residue on my hands.  There is a very pleasant skin feel instantly and from the Coco-Nutty a very slight tingle most possibly due to the nutmeg.  The use of aloe vera and vitamin e mean that the skin is well nourished and any soreness, dryness or inflammation you might have will be well taken care of.  The shine given is very pleasing and though the hairs do not appear much thicker my beard looks thicker and feels fuller to the touch.  I think what happens is a stiffening of the hair at the follicle, it’s really tough to explain but if I stroke my beard it feels soft but if I push my beard it feels firm and resists, that might not make sense but my beard feels softer and stronger.

Pretty Ricky- hints of Black Cherry, Ylang Ylang, and Tobacco- I wasn’t too sure what to expect with the oils as the essentials are not on the bottle so rather than head to the website to find out I thought I would just work it out myself.  What I got from Pretty Ricky was something fruity, at first I thought spiced apple, then I went over to berries and ….berries and erm spicey. That wasn’t quite right though and after a few days I got it, cherry pie.  So I’m quite pleased that given the above I was at least partly there.  I love this scent it is strong and starts heavily on the cherry but after some time the deeper sweet tobacco elements come through.  It’s actually a very clean smelling scent that reminds me a little of a scented candle under your nose.  It does mute after a short time but still has a bit of endurance to it and lingers softly throughout the day.

Coco-Nutty- a subtle marriage of pure essential oils of coconut and nutmeg with a hint of vanilla” that pretty much nails this scent it’s totally sweet and a real hit with everyone that’s had the pleasure of getting near my face.  The coconut wins over the other two essentials for most of the day but then subtly into the afternoon I began to notice its was more vanilla in its smell.  It’s a bold, in your face under your nose joy bringer, but definitely not for the sensitive nosed of you.  I truly was impressed with this scent as it won me over from a coconut sceptic to a nutty about coconut kind of guy.  I believe this is the kind of aroma that will get your beard sniffed more often, this is great if you are on a date or with your loved one, not so if you are on your own at a bus stop!

Beard Balm

Ingredients- Made with Pure Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E Oil, Aloe Vera Extract. Essential oils include, Pure Vanilla, Pure Nutmeg, and coconut.

Upon opening the tin I almost didn’t notice the luscious light golden colour because I saw the coffee bean and got all impressed, turns out it’s a vanilla bean actually so we live and learn.  The scent is exactly like the above description so I wont go into it again and instead focus on the balms performance.  Out of the tin its a little stiff and puts up a tiny bit of resistance but warms and softens well with a thick and slightly sticky oil to apply to your face.  As I stroked the balm through with my fingers I could feel a definite silkiness and was able to pull in the odd stray hair.  My beard felt great and as with the oil felt stronger, yet softer but perhaps more so than the oil.  One thing I noticed was that my curlier hairs became curlier a tad which meant that my beard felt incredibly big and fluffy, the pictures clearly show this and I promise you I have not plumped it up for the photos.  Long term the balm was able to confidently improve the appearance of my beard and people did seem to comment on the glory of my face fuzz.

Man Mask beard products seem to share the same features for, great for adding volume and softness with a healthy natural look, they also worked very well at brining my moustache into line after styling with the hairdryer.  I felt assured that my facial hair was in perfect order when I was wearing the products and I smelled wonderful too.  Please do make sure you hit the link above and show your support for a great idea and product, you will be happy with your purchase, your face will love you for it and others will love your face.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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