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Man Up Moustache Wax and Conditioner

FineFettle Beard Conditioner


Website:    Visit Element Botanicals here

Price when purchased:  £6.30 plus postage

Delivery feedback:    The tin was well protected for its long voyage from Canada and was in perfect condition when it arrived.

Container type/size:  Its quite a monster coming in at 60ml which is easily double the size of most waxes!


The scent is a really refreshing change not only because I have not used a product that smells quite like it but its also refreshing in its effect.  When the package arrived I opened the tin and was instantly hit with a wonderful clean and pleasant aroma that was instantly recognizable as Lemon Sorbet.  Its simply lovely especially on a summers day and I really enjoyed having this scent waft about under my nose.  Its another product that earns the “smell my face” title but not because it demands your attention, its perfectly subtle without being a non entity.  I have to say it tastes good enough to eat, not that I condone that type of carry on!


Straight from the tin this wax is very easy to use, in warmer times it almost resembles a firm cream a bit like a cheesecake, which could be a problem if you are hungry (see above), it does appear more wax like when the room temperature is cooler though but whatever state it is in you can extract a good scraping of wax with no effort whatsoever.  The heat from your fingers make this incredibly easy to apply to the hairs as it softens considerably allowing for quick coating.  If you are after a natural look you can comb the wax through or leave it thicker if you have a more styled idea in mind.  I enjoyed stretching the moustache out but tight curls are also an option. I did at first notice a slight residue on the hairs but a quick heat blast and that was sorted, the hairdyrer wasn’t really needed for styling other than on cold to set the position of the curls.


This is quite a tricky one to address, the tin claims a medium to firm and I would say medium definitely and edging towards firm but if you like a rock solid finish then I don’t think this is for you.  However the Man Up moustache wax has an ace up its sleeve as it feels incredibly light, almost as if its not there, yet you know you have a good level hold.  I found that my moustache felt flexible yet firm, if any of you have used a pomade on your stache you might know what I mean by this.


So here we have a 100% natural product and the ingredients are proudly displayed on the tin which shows that the people behind it care about the you the user and the elements they put into their product.  Its a versatile wax for sure and the size of the tin means that it will be some time before you need to replace it.  The many natural ingredients include coconut oil, infused olive oil as well as essential oils for scent, so its very good at nourishing the hairs which is where the claims of conditioner can be upheld.  Used over time you may notice an improvement in condition but its not an over night fixer.  I think its a styling product first which just happens to look after the health of your hairs second and there is nothing in the ingredients that worry me.  Its strengths are that its very easy to style and smells delicious, the hairs do not lose volume at all so you get an impressive and thick looking stache.

Please check out Element Botanicals and say hi from me.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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  1. amber says

    Splendid~ Thank you so very much!

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