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Market Street Soapworks – Aftershave Serum

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Market Street Soaps Aftershaves

This handmade Aftershave can be found here nestled between some glorious soaps, beard oils and balms.

Being a chap that stands with one foot in the shaving world and another in the non shaving world means that I am very fortunate to be able to utilise products available to those who wield a razor and those that shun it.  For some time now I have been trying to find a post shave product that can replace my chemically laden regular aftershave and was very happy to find that Market Street Soaps had released their range of aftershave serums.  Joel the owner of the family run environmentally conscious company is an incredibly nice chap and was very kind to send me a bottle of his Bay Rum scent.

The product is completely natural with not a whiff of a man-made ingredient in sight, the range of soaps and oils are vegan friendly and every care is made to ensure that the ingredients that produce the end product are of the highest quality.  This is clearly observed if you take a trip around the website which I suggest you do as you will begin to understand the range of skill that Market Street soaps posses.

Lifting from the website “Our Bay Rum After Shave Serum is made from 100% Pure grain spirits with subtle hints of citrus, juniper and angelica. We added our Bay Rum essential oil mix to create a brilliant, but not overpowering scent. Included is a mix of two emollient’s that sooth and make your skin feel silky smooth. This can also be used for hair, scalp and body. Nothing but quality ingredients in each bottle. No harsh chemicals, man-made fragrance or petrochemicals in our after shave. Tested on our friends and willing participants.”

So when it comes to an aftershave this is not to be confused with a cologne, this serum is designed to alleviate razor burn and sore skin and sooth and care for your skin once you have taken the razor to your face.  It does this with aplomb and only a tiny splash in my palm from the very handy dropper topped glass amber bottle was enough to cover my face.  There is an initial “moment” which certainly wakes you up, I don’t want to say its stings but it certainly does something.  This is very short-lived and my skin felt great instantly, very soft and smooth and not greasy which I have experienced with some regular aftershave balms. The effects of the serum seem to last too and my skin no longer feels dry or tight after shaving. I also find that the serum works very well at preventing major bleeding from small nicks and appears to stem the flow of blood on the odd occasion I have been careless with the blade.

The scent is really nice being a spicy solid Bay Rum concoction  but also having a wonderful smoky element that had me scouring the ingredients on the label to try to work out what was giving it the punch and oomph that made me feel good.  It’s a natural clean scent that many people commented on positively but it didn’t have a the longevity I would have liked.  This is really because I love the smell so much and want to smell of it all day, but all scents have a time frame and without various chemical enhancements we can only have what is naturally within the ingredients capability.

So if you want a chemical free, naturally aware product that will sooth and hydrate your skin then I definitely recommend you give the Market Street After Shave a look and treat yourself to some of the other products they have to offer.

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