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Max and the Magnificent Moustache

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I am about to introduce you to a very special little boy, an 8 year old that is wise beyond his years, but in order to do that I need a big favour of you.  I need you to lose your adult filter, you know the one that says you cannot spin in circles anymore whilst burping the alphabet, or pretend you are a dog in public sniffing peoples bottoms or eat an entire chocolate advent calendar in one sitting and then proceed to jump on your bed .  The kind of filter that has made you more adult has made you less fun, you’ve lost sight of what you really want in life, what we all want, its not money or success, its happiness! Remember as a kid you would wish for all kinds of stuff? You know what I mean, you would see a cat and wish for a cat, hear an aeroplane and wish to be a pilot, see a grown up and wish you could be a grown up and drive cars, do what you want whenever when you want.  Well Max had a wish, a lifelong desire in fact, come with me now into Max’s world and find out what happens when that special wish comes true…..

ME: Hey Max, Thank you for agreeing to do this interview, I am very pleased to be talking with you.  It seems like you have had a rather eventful time lately with lots of fun and adventure.  Before we get to that though I wonder if you could tell me about how it all started?

MAX: Oh hey Stu!  Ummm… Well, I have always loved mustaches, my whole life, since I was a baby really, that’s what my folk say. I mean I really, REALLY LOVE mustaches! They are soooo cool!


I collect mustaches, not real ones that would be gross, but I guess kind of cool. Anyways I love to draw mustaches too, but I got in trouble…I drew a mustache on my neighbour’s prized poodle–buttercup, let us just say I am not allowed to use permanent markers anymore. My dad thought it was rad but my mom was NOT amused.

1517605_186263974916276_1782656893_nBut, I guess it all started when I just got tired of fake mustaches, and wanted a real one. Don’t get me wrong fake mustaches, milk mustaches, spaghetti mustaches are fun and all but I wanted the real thing. Oh you want to know something really gross? My Grandpa told me that eating liver and onions would put hair on my lip so I ate some…bleh! I think it was a trick because it never happened, until I made a wish at my 8th birthday party when I blew out my birthday cake candles. The next day I could feel a prickly hair growing out of my skin above my lip, I could feel it with my tongue. The mustache kept growing from there!!!

ME: I have to agree with you there young Max, moustaches are cool and I can understand your obsession!  I love mine and though I have nothing against beards I think a moustache is a crown for your lip.  I have never tried liver and onions and based on your experience I don’t think I will, it does sound yucky.  I hope that Buttercup’s owners forgave you in the end; I think a dog looks better with a moustache though, in fact any animal does.  I bet you have all the pictures from the internet, have you seen Hamilton the Hipster cat he is my favourite? Do you have a favourite animal?

MAX: I have seen Hamilton and he is one hip cat for sure! My favorite animal would be a walrus because they naturally have a mustache, if my mom would let me I would have one and keep him in the bathroom in the bathtub, *sigh* that would be so cool!

ME: Oooh that would be amazing, they are awesome beasts though you might have issue with all the fish you would need to feed it.  Bath times could be a bit of a squeeze but imagine the fun when you go on a family trip to the beach!  So going back to your birthday wish, what was the exact way you wished for it? Would you change how you phrased the wish?

MAX: Hmmm…That’s a tough question Stu! You know you’re not supposed to tell someone what you wish for or it won’t come true, but I guess since my wish already came true I feel we can safely talk about it. So, you know how I ate liver and onions cuz my Grandpa said it would put hair on my lip? Well, I waited and waited but no mustache appeared, my birthday was coming up and I was desperate, I seriously thought about not even having a birthday party, just the cake so I could make my wish and blow out the candles, but my mom and dad would of been crushed if I didn’t have a party so you know. I didn’t really plan out how to say what I wished for, I just squeezed my eyes shut really, really tight and wished with all my might for a mustache. I was a little disappointed that it did not magically appear but, it was worth the try anyways.

ME: So it was an instant moustache. When did you know that your wish had come true?

MAX: Kind of, I mean it would of been rad if it had magically appeared when I made the wish, so I was a little disappointed when it didn’t and frankly, I thought it was over for me…I was going to have to wait till I grew up to have a mustache. I had no idea at that moment my wish had come true, I mean I did not look or feel any different. but when I woke up the next morning I felt this little hair poking out of my skin and by the time I got home from school I already had a 5’oclock shadow, my mother thought it was just dirt and made me wash my face several times because she did not believe me…lol! My dad thought it was way cool! I had no idea things were going to escalate the way they did.

ME: I bet! I can imagine your parents were confused and a bit frightened, how did you react to your face that next day?

MAX: Oh I was stoked! It was everything I could hope for!  My Mom was really freaked out and made my Dad shave it off. I was so sad…I finally had a mustache and now I was watching it wash away down the drain. My dad felt bad for me, he used to have a really cool stache when he first met my mom, but she didn’t like it so he shaved it off.  He tried to grow it back several times over the years but mom said she wouldn’t kiss him unless it was gone, so he just gave up trying. I think he was secretly rooting for me. Like I said I was really sad about it but it started growing back almost immediately.

ME: It’s such a shame to think that so many men are unable to have the joy of wearing a wonderful moustache, my wife didn’t really like mine at but I am very lucky that she is supportive and understands the happiness it brings me.  So your Dad sadly shaves it off, then the next day it’s back again, this is remarkable!  I can’t imagine what you were thinking, what were your first plans as an 8 year old boy with an epic moustache?

MAX: I just wanted all my friends to see it, they said a kid could never, ever grow a mustache and that mustaches were only for gown-ups. I sure showed them! I just think mustaches are cool. I got to do some really cool things like winning the Mighty Mustache competition and I got to meet some of my hero’s Michael Johnson, Jackie Lynn Ellison, Patrick Fette, Sean Raiger, and Chris Jay Sorensen…so EXCITING! Oh, and I am a member of the League of Extraordinary Lip Hair, the youngest I may add! One thing though, I have to admit… I just didn’t know how much work really went into having a mustache.banner

ME: You certainly have had a whirlwind of wonderful adventure; those guys certainly have the most amazing facial hair.  I wonder if I could get into the League of Extraordinary Lip Hair?  It’s my birthday soon, I shall make a wish I think. Moustaches can be hard work, what has been the hardest thing to deal for you?  Mine has a mind of its own sometimes..

MAX: I never realized mustaches were such hard work, mine especially. It does seem like it has a mind of its own, I think it did actually. Nothing could tame it and it just kept growing and growing, But I would say the hardest part was not being allowed to go back to school till I got it under control, some of the parents though it strange and the teachers thought my mustache was too distracting.

ME: Hmm, so what on earth did you do? Was there an answer to keep it under control? Did you have days when you wished you didn’t have an unruly moustache?


MAX: There was nothing I could do! My mom hired the best mustache tamer in biz and the stache never took shape. My dad took me to the barber to get it cut but it just grew back faster and stronger than before. Everything got lost or tangled in it. It was always in the way, everyone including myself was tripping over it and the worst thing…my friends no longer wanted to play with me I was beginning to wish I never had a mustache at all. Till it saved my life!

ME: It certainly sounds like you got more than you wished for and ended up in some very worrying situations, I’ve yet to experience tripping over my moustache, the closest I have come is nearly shutting it in a cupboard.  I am aware that there is a book about your adventures, can you tell me any of the situations in more detail or will it spoil the book?


MAX: Well, I will say this…villains, there are some bad guys in the book, but not to fear, something AMAZING happens!

ME: I cannot wait to find out more, it sounds a remarkable trail of fun! So to finish off what would you say to young boys and men who want a moustache?

MAX: Hmmm…I have found out that mustaches are a lot of work, especially to get them to behave, not to mention there are a lot of different styles out there and it can be overwhelming. I would say pick a style that reflects who you are inside or who you want to be. Don’t ever stop dreaming, DREAM BIG! When it comes to wishing, just wish wisely, because you just might get it!

ME: Yes exactly!  They could end up with the Bandeady Brothers after them!  You must have been frightened?


MAX: I was totally freaked out!!! But I was grateful that my stache had saved the day or should I say night, lol! I guess my mustache wasn’t such a menace after all.

ME: Moustaches save lives, it is a fact!  So since that day has your moustache been easier to live with

MAX: Yes Stu, in fact you can read about it in my next book… Max and the Great Whisker War.

ME: Well that is something I most certainly am looking forward to. I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me, I think you are an inspiration to many, do you have anything to say to those out there who have a dream or passion?

MAX: Thank you Stu, it was really fun talking with you! What I would like to say to those who have dreams and passions–keep dreaming, keep wishing and keep hoping–most importantly, do not get discouraged if you don’t see those things happen right away. Whatever your passion in life– grab it, hold onto it and never let it go!


Max is the creation of author Kristina Smith she has a love for children’s books and story telling.  After throwing a moustache themed baby shower for her grandson where guests were encourage to bring a book for his bookshelf she decided it would be great to have one her own stories there to read to him in the future.  With that goal in mind she chose the story of Max and his Moustache  and the result is the book that Max and I discussed.  I have not read the story yet but as soon as it is published, which is soon, I shall be sharing it all with you.  The story has a loose moral, be careful what you wish for, something we might all need to think about when we loose sight of what is really important, Max has a way of engaging audiences young and old, the book will be wonderful with the quirky and fun illustrations captivating anyone that is fortunate enough to read it.

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