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Some time back I was contacted by the Milkman, this is not the moribund chap in his electric cart humming into oblivion but more the Milkman of old, the Milkman that used to wave at you and tip his hat, ask about your dog and be a fine figure in the local community.  Well that’s the impression I get from the Milkman Australia Website anyway after I got a message from them asking if I would try their 2in1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner.  I had to have a nose around because I hadn’t heard of them, what with them being 10571.387 miles away but the website is well executed with a good set of products and good solid principles.  Their aim is to provide honest products to the hairy chap that are sulphate, paraben, silicon and petroleum free and they do so in the form of the shampoo, balm, oils and wax.  They also boast a rather excellent looking scent line too with;

Citrus Supernova – Bergamot, hops absolute, lemon, lime, honey murtle, lemongrass & spearmint.  

King of Wood – certified organic juniferus ashei (cedar wood), essential oil, fuanus sicatus wood (sandalwood), fragrant oil, syzygium aromaticum (clove), essential oil, laurus nobilis leaf oil.  

 Pole Position – Myrrh, vetiver, clary sage, tobacco absolute, black pepper, ylang ylang and sweet orange.  

The scent I have is Chai Latte – black tea leaf absolute, clove bud, cardamom seed, lemon peel, cinnamon bark, nutmeg seed & ginger root. The Milkman team consists of a chap called Ben who is an actual proper scientist and Jackee who does all the important stuff, so to be politically correct it’s not Milkman, more Milkpeople.  Hang on that’s not right as that sounds like people made of milk, how about Milk Operatives, or ooh Lactose Agents?  No lets stick with Milkman, forget I even mentioned it!

Some might argue that there isn’t a need for a specific beard shampoo or wash, conversely some people argue that football is important so lets not argue as there is definitely need to avoid using head hair chemically laden commercial shampoo. So even if this wasn’t made specifically for beards and was an artisanal handmade soap its a product that needs consideration in the name of beard health.  The 2 in 1 product contains a very long list of ingredients and generally speaking this is something I try to avoid particularly if some of them require me to look them up but there be a scientist among us….. I have looked into the less obvious ingredients and added in brackets any details I found to save you the trouble, Im nice like that!

Ingredients – water, coconut soap, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (plant-based cleanser from coconut oil) cocamidopropyl betaine (coconut-based foam booster), polyquat 7(Polyquaternium-7 prevents or inhibits the buildup of static electricity and dries to form a thin coating that is absorbed onto the hair shaft. Polyquaternium-7 also helps hair hold its style by inhibiting the hair’s ability to absorb moisture.), aloe vera extract, glycerine, dimethicone( a silicone oil that coats the hair and skin for easier combing and shine), sorbitol(used to prevent moisture loss), phenoxyethanol(a preservative), argan oil, free trade organic green tea and hops extract, silk peptide, vitamin E, EDTA(protects the product from spoiling), citric acid and fragrance.

WOWZER!! when you pick your way through all that what it appears to be is a whole lot of good natural ingredients with some added stuff for polish and manageability and product protection so what appears to be initially alarming is in fact a lot less troublesome. Some of the very keen-eyed of you might notice something in there that might not want to be there in accordance with Milkman promise…

My bottle Of Chai Latte Beard Shampoo arrived very well protected and made the journey in fine form, with it came a Pear wood wide tooth comb, which is currently too large for my beard so I can’t really comment on that.  The soap though I can so here we go then.  It’s a pump dispenser that emits with simplistic ease ready foamed suds to apply straight to your face, the instructions suggest into your hands then apply to face.  I much prefer to dispense a squirt on each cheek and a bit more on the neck then work it through as the hand route seemed to lose volume of lather before it got to my bristles.  Working the product into the skin and hair feels very nice but there was a moment when I thought I might be in trouble as I got an intense tingling, which got stronger, I do confess I panicked and thought I was having a 21st century “intolerance”.  This was however the cinnamon I think and soon subsided leaving a rather pleasant and invigorating sensation on my skin.  The soap part does its job but for the conditioning to take place its best left on your hairs for a few minutes so I got on with the rest of my routine in the shower,  you know, singing, inventing and such then rinsed it off.  Towel dabbed dry and then I use the hairdryer on low setting to make sure my beard and more importantly skin is fully dry.  The feel of the hairs after is pretty damn good, soft, silky and smooth and smelling great for it is the scent that delights me with this product. The Chai Latte is intense with the spiced elements sitting very high, there is a depth from the black tea that is a little smoky but its the cinnamon and ginger notes that rule making it a perfect wake up first thing in the morning.

I was actually surprised that the product worked so well given my initial reluctance after first glancing at the ingredients as I prefer components I can identify.  I used the Milkman Soap daily for a full week and didn’t need to use any other face products in the shower, in fact I overused this as I only use soap twice a week to see if I had any issues with it and all was well.  I will note that there is some talk on forums and websites about some of the ingredients in this causing buildup over time but I am not sure it would be an issue here given you probably wont be using it daily.  Go over to the Milkman Website to check out their products

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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