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Mill Town Beard Co – Product reveiw

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Milltown beard Co

To give your face a treat head on over to the webstore for Mill Town Beard Co.

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oooh whats in the box

I am finding it quite hard to know where to start with this, and no I’m not trying to work out how to break negative news, in fact it’s quite the opposite.  The thing I’m struggling with is what product to kick things off with as a quick look at the bundle of goodies I was generously sent will show you I have been treated like a prince! We have a handmade comb, a quality t-shirt, stickers, 2 beard balms, a moustache wax and three bottles of beard oil aaaaand a bar of Grandpa’s Pine tar soap.  It’s almost the whole range and I have the incredible Nathan Talbut to thank for that.

So let’s get going and I think I’ll start with the beautiful handmade comb as it’s the item that put the Mill Town Beard co. on my radar via instagram.  I must confess to sniffing around quite a bit as I had never quite seen anything like it and boy did I want one!  The comb has been tweaked for me slightly with finer teeth to cope with moustache grooming but I have to confess the size of the comb means this doesn’t quite workout.  BUT I have of course grown a beard, well growing a beard,  and the comb is very pleasant to use.  It’s incredibly well finished and so tactile and I was also very impressed with the cool little personalised handmade box that it came in.  I enjoy using it to comb beard oil through and it serves very well styling the hair on my head too.

Moustache Wax

If you would like to know what is in the MilltownBeardco products check the clever little ingredients card in the header.

Container type/size:     2 oz Metal push top tin


The scent comes in with a minty freshness that at first dominates the other scent elements, so initial impressions are a simple clean and invigorating scent that makes you feel fresh headed and alert.  Ideal start to the day then, but as you then go about your business being splendid and furry faced the wax hints at you with its other smell components and the ever gracious mint takes a back seat to allow a nice subtle woodyness.  No surprise given the other ingredients really but it’s certainly well balanced and it’s just enough as the scent lasts a long time compared to others but the nice part is that is doesn’t overpower, I like it a lot.


The wax had shrunk ever so slightly in the tin and this often is a sign that the wax is a tad firm and perhaps tricky to use and so with trepidation I scraped my nail across the surface of the yellow wax.  Interestingly it yielded very easily allowing for a very useable plug of wax which even more interestingly softened remarkably with the heat from my fingers.  This meant that I had a nice soft wax to gently coat my moustache evenly with and from centre to the tips it was a breeze, if there was a minimal bit of clumping  it combed straight through  without the need for the hairdryer.  It’s best used lightly I found and is perfect for a more natural styling giving a loose shape and form to the odd wayward hair. It’s certainly one of the easiest waxes I’ve used and I don’t believe anybody would have  an issue in applying it.  This simplicity comes from the great selection of natural and skin friendly ingredients that have cut the hard beeswax into a lovely soft wax product.


It’s fair to say this wax is a light medium hold perfectly suited for the guy who just needs a little tidy up.  The hairs once fixed stayed in place for the most part and only after eating did I notice the odd dislodged bristle, but a simple comb through had things in order.  If you are the type of chap that likes a natural light feel rather than a solid appendage (oo er missus!) then this is perfect.  If you aren’t that type give it a go as this is a great daily wear wax and you might enjoy the freedom.

Beard Oil

The beard oils come in sturdy amber bottles with standard bottle caps, no dropper but then that’s not a problem. They were shrink wrapped to prevent spillage and that was certainly a nice touch and effective as the oil that was put in the bottles stayed firmly inside.  There’s a nice handmade vibe to the labels which sits well with the range, which is all about big products a but small batches.  The observant among you will note that some of the oils have a different base oil blend, I can’t find the reason for this on the website and if I am honest I didn’t notice a difference in their performance as they all did a great job on my well conditioned hairs.  The oils are a nice consistency and the application was easy and straight forward.  I was pleased with how well the oil transferred from my fingers to face and spread well with no greasy feel.  The skin and hair felt well nourished and there was certainly a nice lustre and softness to the whole shebang. The oils are great whatever time of day you use them making the beard softer and the skin hydrated and healthier. The oils all smell very good too but the scents didn’t last as long as I would like.

Lumberjack:  It would be obvious to say that this is a wood scent, it would also be wrong as there is more to it than that, the wintergreen is the thing I feel that separates the Lumberjack from the others in the crowd.  A fresh pine start, with menthol and citrus.  Its perfect if you wear it at night and its also a winner if you have a cold offering to clear and refresh.

Gifford: Quite tough to pinpoint where the scent originates, definitely the anise is the leading aroma but its held up with the other elements nicely so what I get from it is a sort of lightly spiced fresh leather smell, the rosemary and patchouli offer some depth too.  Well played Nathan.

Mauerhaus: This a nice earthy and sweet scent, the warm citrus from the tangerine is the most dominant scent with a backdrop of sandlewood which along with the sage smells a little like dry grass. Very nice it is.

Beard Balm

Right I feel I have saved the best till last here, its fair to note that the Mill Town Beard products are created with a real understanding of how to execute a scent and its in the balm department that this is very evident.  There are a number of products on the market and many offer similar olfactory experiences settling with tried and tested essential oil combinations. The two beard balms smell incredible, Vanilla is delightful and deep, and works well with the other ingredients in the balm, it’s a cozy warming kind of scent, truly delicious. The other tin of balm is a game changer for me in the form of Black Cherry. Man oh man this is to die for, I know a number of guys that are of the same opinion too so it’s not just me gushing here.  Its intense and smooth, sweet and unlike anything else I have come across, the scent lasts for a good number of hours too and so you can go out in the satisfied mood that you smell the absolute bomb exactly like deep rich cherry! In fact when I wore this the first time I had a distinct fear that I might get sniffed and licked all the way through the day. It didn’t happen but maybe I went to the wrong places!

The balms from the tin are easy enough to get to a usable beard friendly state, from what seems like a firm waxlike substance into a sleek oil within seconds of being in touch with your hands.  A small amount, enough to coat my fingers was enough to work into my beard and moustache fully and the results are most agreeable.  The beard balm makes the hairs feel a lot softer and adds a little volume to the look too, its not greasy and feels as though it absorbs into your skin rather than sit on the surface. Whether you like to apply your balms in the morning or before bed the Mill Town beard balm serves both well adding a controlled lustre and a solid conditioning of your face fuzz. There’s some control and shaping achieved with the balm due to its wax content but its at just the right level to not interfere with the texture of the product.

SO that about covers it really other than the soap, which I will cover later and the T-shirt which I wear with pride because the products are certainly ones that I want others to know about.  If you like the sound of any of these products, which I hope you do as I’ve tried to give you my honest opinion, then make sure you head over to the Mill Town website and say hi from me.

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