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Milly’s Beard Oil – Apothecary87 & Chris John Millington

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

This oil and other great products can be purchased www.apothecary87.co.uk/

I have had the pleasure of wearing the brand new product from Apothecary87 and Chris John Millington for the last few days.  I feel very honoured because at the time of writing this it is not yet on sale though  I’ve been aware of it as I follow Apothecary87 and Chris Millington on instagram.  I had very high hopes for the oil because my experience of the Apothecary87 products has been very positive indeed, see here if you don’t believe me.  Milly’s oil gets its name from Mr Millington himself who to those unaware is a rather fortunate looking chap, with a superb beard and hair that I seek to emulate, check him out if you don’t believe me.  Chris designed the scent element and wanted something a bit fruity, he clearly has a good nose for it. I believe its his first venture into beard oil and a successful maiden voyage it has proved to be.  The oil has the same base properties and ingredients as the Rather Alluring Beard by Apothecary87  but with a new refreshing scent.

The ingredients are –

  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Cedarwood Atlas Oil
  • Vanilla Fragrance
  • MANgo Fragrance

The oil has a very nice consistency, its light and absorbs into your hairs incredibly well.  A little goes a long way too with me needing a very small drop for each side of my moustache, it’s not greasy and very nice on the skin too.

Softness – Instant and all day softness here and from the moment it hits your hairs you can feel the benefit of the oil.  As you gently work it through your facial hair you will notice how nice things feel and in working it into your skin around the hair follicle you can feel your skin say thank you.  I used this both as an overnight conditioner and as a daily wear and on both counts it functioned very well softening and making the hairs manageable.  On the first day of use the wind and rain demolished my moustache but because the hair was protected by the oil there was no actual damage done.

Shine – This does add a really nice sheen, a healthy lustre that makes your hairs stand out.  It breathes life into the appearance of the hairs and I did get a number of positive comments, in fact my wife just said to me, “Your moustache, looks nice and shiny” so well done Milly’s oil you have impressed the wife!

Scent – If for some reason you have not experienced the Apothecary87 range then firstly why the merry heck not, and secondly believe me when I say the scents are what makes it stand out from many of the other products on the market.  Milly’s is a sweet smelling bottle of nose heaven, a friend at work was almost euphoric as he sniffed the bottle, he had a big smile on is face as he said “its like happiness in a bottle.”  This may seem a bit strange to some but it he is spot on, it really is a wonderful scent that not only refreshes and invigorates but is has a real feel good element to it.  It’s a positive aroma that from the bottle is uplifting, you get MANgo straight away and then there is a clever and subtle hint of more earthly but not earthy, natural tones. As the day wears on I was reminded of a childhood medicine which found intersting but it’s a scent that has legs too and throughout the day it gently reminds you that your facial hair smells wonderful and looks healthy too.

So there you have it another great product from Apothecary87 with Chris John Millington behind the smell, get yourself over to the website and treat your facial hair, join the #manclub.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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