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Mo-stache Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website:       mo-stache.com/

Price when purchased:       £5.50 plus postage

Delivery feedback:  Very well packaged and quick for overseas

Container type/size:  1.15oz screw top tin     


The two tins I got from Mo-Stache.com were both very good smells, they certainly earn the smell my face tag…

  • Original scent –  This a very natural scent due ingredients used, its a rather traditional smell that has hints of new leather about it.  A manly but not musky aroma that was very pleasant indeed to wear all day.
  • Island Vacation – This a wonderful sweet scent that instantly whisks you away in your mind to tropical beaches.  Its not just the suggestion of the name but the light aroma of coconut as an addition to the original scent.  I wasn’t too sure when I fist opened the tin but after wearing it I found it to be a very pleasant, not at all sickly sweet and more the point my wife liked the smell of it too!  Definitely gets the “smell my face” tag.

I must add that when I received the above waxes I was also very lucky to receive some prototype scents that are as yet not named.  I will not go into any details regarding their smell as it would be unfair of me to cover something that may alter or not go on sale.  I will happily say that all the scents were a refreshing take on a sometimes stale element of Moustcahe wax with many people staying traditional.  Its nice to see somebody trying to take things into different territory.


This wax is wonderful to apply, its quite soft in the tin which means that extracting the wax is very easy indeed, in fact its so easy you might take too much the first time.  Make sure you push your thumb slowly across the surface with light even pressure and you will have a good scraping of wax for very little effort.  Once I had the wax in my finger tips I was impressed with its feel, not too squidgy, no evidence of oils or grease so all in all pretty good. The next step is where you need to take a little bit of care though, the soft wax needs a very light touch as you crayon it on otherwise you could end up with a big dollop in one place, which isn’t a huge problem because when heated lightly with the hairdryer it combs through well.  I found that after combing through the hairs had a nice sheen and the wax seems to absorb or maybe thin out well but the results are very pleasing.  Once you have styled your moustache you can set the hairs in place with a cold blast from the hairdryer and you are set for the day.


This product had probably one of the most significant field tests in terms of hold as I chose to take it on holiday where is was very very windy as you can see with my dancing moustache picture below.  That shot was taken on the coast of Dorset at Durlde Door, though the wind nearly took my moustache off my face once I got out of the wind I was impressed that the wax had mostly held the shape and needed just a tiny push back into place.  On general day to day stuff the wax held nicely, it felt light and natural and I had no issue with the hold, its a definate 50mph windows down hold, though its not rock hard.  I was able to get a good tight curl and also a very natural look,  thumbs up!


So you are probably getting the impression that I am quite keen on this wax, it was a pleasure to wear and I got a number of comments when wearing it. I felt completely confident in it and as such found the wax a real joy to wear.  If you are a guy that prefers a very solid firm hold then this might not be for you but I loved it.  Its a product that would suit a beginner and yet also has the versatility to  offer the more experienced moustache tamer something to work with.  I cannot fathom why this wax is not as well known as some of the others in the market it certainly deserves to be up there with them, I’m excited to see the new products when they hit the shop shelf as it were and I am certain you will like them too.  In the meantime though do check out the website and tell them I sent you.








FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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