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Moustache man

This weekend I went along with my family to an awesome free event at a local park, full of cultural gems highlighting the diversity of where we live. The weather was glorious, the music was amazing and the company was superb. The children had a great day getting dusty, rolling about like only children and maybe drunk clowns know how. There was a lovely atmosphere, apart from one chap who thought he could push in the beer queue. I pointed out to this confused chap that the young lady to his right, well just behind and to the right, was in fact next. The poor oaf clearly was drunk but tried to enlighten me as to why he was next (I shall omit his swear words but the words he did utter are too amusing not to mention.) “I’ve been stood here 2 jeffing hours mate!” “really?” said I, “I clearly noticed you just fall out of that tent and play drunken drums on that picnic hamper” “you can Jeff off mate, I’ve been stood here for two and a half hours, I’m an IRA Jeff, see this tattoo that means I’m a Jeff, I live in a jeffing caravan!” “that must be lovely for you sir but it doesn’t affect the matter that you have pushed in” “I live in a caravan you jeffing posh Jeff, go back to your jeffing posh Jeff house. I’m IRA, I’ll cut your jeffing head off!” At this point the young lady and her boyfriend suggested I leave it be, they offered me a drink but I declined.  I was a bit upset by the ordeal but it was quickly forgotten, due to the eclectic mix of things around. I saw in no order of importance, a school orchestra, youth jazz band, some free running, a lady on stilts, African dance, bangra dancer’s, Adam duffil (top chap, great voice, worth a YouTube lookup)
It’s ways nice when people say nice things about you, I got a great number of comments on my tash, one young chap had a lovely junior handlebar and chatted for a while about the virtues of having a big moustache. I’ve noticed that men sporting lip lawns have a desire to know what products the other uses or has used in case their is some secret the other knows, it always comes down to preferences and what works best for you though. This guy was interested in lanolin and recommended Bounder wax which was the 3rd recommendation in as many days. I shall be adding that to the wish list for sure. On the way back I was leapt at “please will you come to my photo studio? I need to photograph that moustache!” a chat ensued, he was a great guy and very funny and I may well take him up on that offer. As I left the park I bumped into the chap in the picture below who is a bit of a local celeb, “what do you use?” I asked, he turned saw my moustache and knew instantly as if we had mind linked “everything! Glue, wacky tacky, mud….” “MUD!??” sort of squealed that as I was so shocked, “yeah, mud. Butter, vaseline, hair gel, everything.” I was agog, all that could be done was have my photo taken and be on my way, mud eh, who’d have thunk it.

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