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I will forgive you if you do not know who Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer is but I do urge you to go and see the man in action over on Youtube after you have read this, I’m pretty certain you will experience something new and jolly.  I’ve been a  fan for some time after a member of the Handlebar Club posted a Mr B video on the forum, since then I have listened to the music as I stroll happily to the train.  Mr B has some rather lovely merchandise on his webstore and he also sports a rather lovely Handlebar Moustache and this is where the wax comes in, I sent a cheeky email and hey presto I had some product to review.

Website: Get yourself over to the chaphop shop for all the Mr B Gentleman Rhymer goodies you can carry, well your postman.

Price when purchased:        £6.99

Delivery feedback:   The two tins of complimentary wax arrived in a padded envelope with a nice little compliment slip, Not much else to report here, I got them that is the main thing

Container type/size:   my guess is its 30ml

Ingredients:   I am currently unable to find a list of ingredients


Of the two tins I have it’s the Victor’s Vapour that stands out for me, the other is a regular favourite of sandalwood which is very pleasant and will no doubt please those sandalwood lovers out there but there is nothing that needs covering in my opinion.  Victor’s Vapour is a nice little scent perfect for the winter months as it draws its inspiration from a well know vapor rub that might belong to someone called Victor, I don’t know why I’m being cryptic here so lets just all assume we know that it’s that stuff you put on your chest and your feet when you are poorly.  Yes feet, trust me it works wonders.  Never mind that though, stop thinking about my feet and lets get back to the wax at hand and describe the pleasant and effective aroma that the Victors vapour carries into our schnoz with aplomb.  The menthol, camphor scent is lovely and has the effect of not just clearing the nose but also clearing the mind.  It’s a very invigorating and uplifting experience that lasts for a god few hours, perfect if you have the sniffles or if you just need a bit of a boost in the morning.   Unlike the decongestant rub this wax isn’t too strong and so there’s not an issue of you stinking out a room when you enter it! It’s a keeper for me as its well balanced and right on the nose , I honestly amaze myself sometimes…..


Right a little look at the pictures below will reveal somewhat of a learning curve with the initial application and resultant style not being too excellent.  It’s important to remember that when you are trying any new product there is a bit of a feeling out session or three required before you can make judgement.  The reason that this wasn’t the most simple but far from the trickiest is that the wax is quite firm and doesn’t release too much with your finger heat or even the hairdryer readily, so you really have to work it well in your fingers under the hairdryer to get it soft enough to apply to the hairs.  My usual crayoning technique was of no use as there was a tiny bit too much resistance and drag, so rather than coat the hair it sort of snagged at it. However being a Brit of determined mind and inspired by the promise of potential I tried again and over the next few days wear got pretty pleasing results.  The key to the application was to keep the wax very warm and pinch and push it into the hairs with a  pinch and drag and to also add a little, starting in the centre and building up the amount of product used towards the base and tips of the curls.  It’s not a doddle but its all in a days work of the moustache wrangler and shows given a bit of perseverance we can achieve.  The wax once applied certainly responds well to heat to set the shape and a colder blast to firm things up.


It’s a sort of strong medium or  light firm, which reminds me of betting talk I do not understand, but if you like a gamble then I suggest its worth a shot.  The wax works much better when using a lot and begins to support itself rather well.  All through the day I felt confident that my moustache was as I wanted it and it was only on inspection that I would notice the odd hair unravelling in the ends, not a disaster or unsightly unless you get really close.  The wax had enough hold to form a nice looking English style with only the tips not quite holding together by the end of the day, the pictures should show you this.


It’s safe to say that this is not a wax for competition but it certainly is a wax for someone who needs some reliable strength for a shorter moustache.  I liked to soften the wax at the end of the day with a little oil and comb out the residue and the next day still see that the moustache was in the same basic shape but in a more relaxed style.  Right now off to Youtube with you!

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