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Mr Kings Marvellous Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner


Website:     www.mrkingswax.bigcartel.com/

Price when purchased:   £5.99

Delivery feedback:    Very good service from Mr King.  Well packaged and a nice little note to say thanks

Container type/size:   15g small screw top pocket friendly tin


A jolly citrus scent here which is subtle but enough to enhance the natural ingredients used to make the wax.  Throughout the day I got the occasional waft which was pleasant.


From the tin the extraction is fairly easy as long as the wax is not too cold.  I tend to apply my wax first thing in the morning and so the wax straight from the bedside cabinet is a little stiff, if however you warm your wax before application by keeping the  tin your pocket then you will find this a joy to use.  Once you have got a nice scraping of wax you can crayon it in very easily, its worth noting that in your fingertips the wax maintains a good consistency its not sticky but soft enough for easy use.  I found that used lightly the wax allows a natural look with a light hold but it really comes into its own when you use it with a bit more gusto.  I can happily say that only with this wax have I managed to pull off a half decent English style that you can see below, possibly due my technique but mostly down to the excellent qualities of this wax in application.


Its pretty evident that this wax has some serious hold and when I was in the English style it lasted all day and I didn’t have to touch it, well actually I did once or twice as I hit my moustache on things like my bag strap, my sons face and my shoulders hahaha.  I am certain that should you enter a wind tunnel with this wax your moustache will remain firm.


I had been aware of Mr King’s wax from the Handlebar forum and a large number of posts and tags on Instagram, for some time I wanted to add it to my test list and was thrilled when I was offered a tin by Mr King himself I liked this wax immensely, it has a versatility in being both a good light use and also a real corker of a product for the more adventurous moustache stylist. The all natural ingredients show that Mr King really gets what’s important, stating on his site that “I would never put anything man made on my moustache, so why should you!”  The scent is not overly strong but that really isn’t what this wax is about, if its styling you want than you really wont go wrong giving Mr King’s a try and when you do place your order please do tell the good man over there that I sent you.



FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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2 Responses

  1. Wes says

    I’ve been hoping to try Mr. King’s for a while now, but finances being what they are, it’s on my “next-to-try” list.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Haha, I bet your list isn’t as long as mine 😉 when you do get it Wes you won’t be disappointed, it’s a great wax

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