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Muk Slick Hair Pomade

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Some time ago an old chum of mine got in touch and asked if I had tried Muk Hair products and that I should review them.  Sadly I had not even heard of it let alone tried it and so asked Stu, (a different one), if  he would do the honours and a fine job he has done too. I shall hand you over to Stu now….

Muk Slick Hair Pomade can be found here and is also available on Amazon

Now I’ve used a lot of hair pomades in my time and they all come down to the same key problem, washing them out. Even the washable products leave your hair feeling awful after a wash. Murray’s and Dax are some of the worst for this in my opinion. Superior hold and shine, your hair will look amazing whilst it’s styled, but good luck in washing it out in one wash. My barber put me in the direction of a product he had recently discovered, Muk. Looking at the completely unassuming packaging you’d probably walk past it when shopping and go for something you recognise, Uppercut or Layrite. But trust me this is the best pomade I have ever used. I bought mine from Amazon for £10.95, which gets you a 95g tin and free postage.

There are 5 important things when it comes to pomade for me:

Ease of application.
Ease of removal.

Unlike Murray’s and Dax, Muk is relatively soft, so you don’t need to work it in your hands to warm it up. It looks like cola with its soft brown colour but feels like a thick hair gel. A decent blob on the end of your finger, (maybe a small grape’s worth but I have fairly long hair), is all you need for full coverage. Apply to dry or slightly damp hair, definitely not wet hair. Run your hands through thoroughly to ensure the hair has a decent coating and then comb thoroughly. More care will be needed if making a neat parting but that’s a given. Being soft the comb goes through easily with very little tugging at the hair, if any at all. It’s very easy to style how you want: slick back, side-partings, quiffs and pomps are all manageable.

Once it’s in it takes 10 minutes or so to dry and set; perfect time to wash your hands, brush your teeth and apply some aftershave. If you head out into the wind with it still wet it will affect your style a bit, but nothing you cannot rectify. The hold will last all day and all night without needing to top it up.

It has a nice shine, not the best. If you want a polished shine there are specific products out there to achieve that. Muk will leave your hair looking like you know what you’re doing and you have a true sense of style; not that you use wet look gel like a 13 year old boy.

Now we get to my favourite part of this product, its smell. Cocoa and vanilla bean. It smells like the stuff my girlfriend rubs all over herself. It’s heavenly and lasts just as long as the product does in your hair. If you fall asleep with it still in your bedroom will smell great in the morning, which is something my better half points out to me each and every time I wear it. It’s just so nice and so different from the normal fragrances you get with pomades; lots of fresh and minty smells or just no smell at all. This is the key factor that makes Muk my favourite pomade.

There we have it, a truly “Don’t judge by its cover” product. Unassuming packaging with a product of unbelievable quality inside. My new go-to for any occasion.

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