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This brand is new, this oil is new but the chap behind them is not knew to the needs of the hirsute face by any stretch.  For he is none other than the man behind the Beard Brand formerly known as Known Felon which for reasons that are rather interesting has dropped its chains and emerged a new brand. It is now No Blade Shall Invade which currently has moustache wax beard balms and the Samurai blend beard oil which I have had the pleasure of using.  I have to say I liked the name and branding in its former guise of Known Felon but the new look is even better, the logos and artwork have a great style to them and the Bearded Samurai looks incredible.  Along with the beard oil was a superb “Wax Slinger” t-shirt and some Zombie snot moustache wax, which is excellent but no longer for sale so it seems silly to review it if you can’t get hold of it.

The oil comes in a standard amber glass bottle with a pippette and its a light golden colour with a nice silky, thick but not tacky feel to it.  Application is very simple indeed and the oil spreads through the hairs incredibly well with only hint of product on my hands,  however it’s not a wet oily residue more a  dry shine to the skin and disappears quickly enough.  It feels as though my beard drinks this oil up and rather quickly too with the result being a very thick feeling to the hairs.

Ingredients- Grapeseed, castor, hempseed, argan and jojoba with cedarwood, yuzu and ginger essential oils.

Scent – I’ll cover this first as I find this aroma quite annoying, but before you stop reading let’s get it straight that I simply love it.  It causes me issue because I find it very hard to describe and given the ingredients above perhaps this is why.  I’ve never encountered yuzu before but a quick search offers up an explanation.  Yuzu is a Japanese citrus, hence the samurai name and it resembles an orange in appearance but offers a scent a little like bergamot, its citrus but with something extra.  The cedarwood gives us a nice woody base and the ginger punches in and out offering a nice bit of spice and heat.  The aroma is a very complex one which is in keeping with the previous products that Chad has created in the past, from just three essential oils he has created a beautiful and unique experience.  The oil has a very positive emotional effect on me and I find myself taking deep breaths in and savouring the smell of my face which lasts long into the day.  Initially the smell is one of a lemon citrus with a whack of spice and then towards the end of the scent experience it shifts to a more woody spice, you have to try it to get what I mean.  Due to the invigorating effect this is definitely an oil for a morning and sets the day of nicely.

Softness – The thing I love about this oil is the immediate silky feel I get to my beard and its not a fleeting benefit either, the silky smooth feel lasts well into the morning and couple that with the thickening feeling I get when I stroke the face fuzz it’s a really enjoyable oil to wear.  After a number of days I noticed no issue with the ends drying out as everything was in top condition from the skin to the tip.  I can also report that their is a boost in volume with there appearing to be a thickening of the beard and moustache and also a bit more resistance to the touch.  I did note a tiny build-up on the hairs towards the end of the week but I don’t use soap very often and when I did this minor problem disappeared.

Shine – Very natural shine that picked out my blonde hairs to give a nice sparkle and healthy appearance, its a very well constructed oil blend this one.

When Chad let me know I had a bottle of his new oil on the way I was excited, the Known Felon products were excellent and his skill in creating well balanced and effective products are highly regarded.  I was very keen to get my nose around the scent too based on previous encounters and I cannot convey to you how clever and unique this beard oil smells.  After a full week of trial my beard felt really good with and definite boost to thickness and volume and my flyaways hairs seemed to respond better too.  I can happily recommend you try any of the No Blade Shall Invade products, the root beer beard balm is now available so get yourself a treat.

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