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Ourea Grooming – Shave Oil

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Ourea Grooming

Visit the website here to get the Shave Oils: www.ourea-grooming.com/shaving-oils.html

I am bringing to attention the Ourea Shaving oil  which comes as part of the range from the Canyon Lake, Texas based company.  I have never been there and having looked at the pictures I am deeply saddened by this as the place looks beautiful.  The name Ourea is derived from the ancient Greek mountain spirits which were bearded entities said to be the spirit of the mountain.  Ourea grooming strives to keep the spirit alive by creating a range of products lovingly from all natural ingredients which include, beard oil, balms, moustache wax (which I shall review later) and of course the shave oils.

The package arrived very neatly and carefully presented with the coolest moustache wax tins I have seen in a while and the oils in good quality amber glass medicine bottles and it gave the impression of quality and of care.  A company that realises the need for amber glass to protect the quality of the ingredients from the light is one I respect greatly.  I received one of each of the scents both of which are a nicely done and somewhat different to the obvious choice of smells for male grooming products.

Ingredients are: Extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil and scent oils. 

The Silver label: With the scent oils of tea tree, pomegranate and cinnamon this oil has a wonderful clean and fresh aroma.  With tea tree taking centre stage but there is a hint of the cinnamon, though I’m not sure I get the pomegranate but this is likely due to the fact that I don’t know what pomegranate actually smells like!  I loved this oil and it left me feeling refreshed and invigorated after the morning shave.

The Black Label: This one has a very complex scent in that its really hard to describe as I get different elements from it from time to time.  It’s a sweet scent with hints of citrus yet there is almost an amaretto smell,  with it conjuring images of marzipan and yet there is a very subtle woody trace running under the scent.  Its a well balanced and delightfully interesting aroma which I found to have a very positive effect on my mood

The oil in action is really good indeed, it’s a nice thick and gloopy oil and a little really does go a long way so use it sparingly so that you get a nice even covering to all your hairs.  As with any wet shave routine I would advise that you soak your hairs with water at the sink or conduct your shave as I do straight out of the shower.  You can apply the oil to damp hairs and face and make sure your razor is warm ( I leave mine in a hot sink) and this will prevent your skin contracting if the blade is cold.  Rubbing the oil over your face is a very pleasant feeling and you can feel something going on as the natural oils begin to have an effect, the blade will love gliding across the well lubricated skin.  I noticed that the hairs were nice and soft and the blade slid effortlessly reducing the beard (sorry Ourea spirits) to a smooth finish.  The hairs clump on the blade but the blade does not stick, a simple dunk in hot water between passes dislodged any build up leaving the blade clear and sharp ready to go again.  Once I finish my WTG pass I often do a second XTG pass and did not feel the need to add any more oil.  Overall a great hair shearing experience with the evidence being a sink full of triumphant shaving debris and a cut free face.  One great thing about using any oil and this is no exception is that the razor and blade do not get “soiled” by soap scum and so only a quick rinse in very hot water is enough to clean the razor and it stays nice and shiny.

As for skin feel after it’s a very positive one with my skin feeling nourished and not tight or dried out, and I did not suffer any razor burn at all.  My face was healthy and hydrated with the tight feeling that a soap can sometimes give you nowhere to be seen and lets not forget those wonderful scents that linger and remind you how lovely and kissable your face must look haha!

I suggest you check out the Ourea shaving oil, unless of course you have a beard, but then you ca use the beard oil as I’m certain that will be splendid!  The site is here in case you forgot and tell them I sent you.


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