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  1. David rye says

    Hi guys, have seen photos of “whisker dam”.
    I am a wilderness survival instructor and tend to drink out of mugs, which tends to put a wilted lettuce look to my handlebar!!.
    I have looked everywhere in uk to get one but to no avail. Does anyone know of a supplier in uk?.
    Also have started to grow out my goatee and go for full grizzly Adams beard, what does the beard oil actually do?.
    Cheers guys

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      David, hello! It is as if the spirits of the wild have whispered secrets because I am very fortunate to be ordering a bulk in very soon. Email me at hirsuteforhappiness@gmail.com and I will add you to my list. Beard oil is a way of hydrating and protecting your skin and hair, an outdoors man like yourself will need some for sure. You would also benefit from my lanolin product that I hope to have out soon but until then you can use lansinoh breastfeeding cream. Have a look for the lanolin article on here. Hope that helps

  2. John says

    I had a meeting with The Sultan last evening. Translation: I had a smoke off my sultan head Meerschaum pipe. During the meeting, I got to reminiscing about my moustachioed past. My first attempt at Hirsute Happiness was at the tender age of sixteen. Much like myself at the time, the resulting horse shoe was thin and gangly. At twenty-three, I was able to push out a thin moustache that would have made Errol Flynn proud. I began frequenting an old time barber once a week for shaping and styling tips. He revealed the secret of the liner pencil to me one afternoon during a shave. He looked around past the five barber chairs which were empty with the exception of years of accumulated dust. I believe he was afraid someone would hear the secret. It was during this period that I took to the wearing of ascots, which was met with mutual nods of approval from the old, and ridicule from the young. I was never one to fold to nay-Sayers. I enjoy the exhilaration of my moustache entering a room before I do. From that time came the bow-tie ‘stache a la David Niven, which my ex-wife absolutely hated. My thanks to Mr. Niven for rescuing me from a sinking ship. Up until three years ago, I have had an ongoing love affair with the handlebar. It is my undying love and loyalty that has me regrowing the thing. It is a selfish love at times, for I miss standing out in a crowd. Much of the time though, it is a tender affair filled with much loving care and spoiling. It is this rekindled love for my soul mate, the medium handlebar, that has brought me here. I shall regrow and never take her for granted again (yes, she is female, I checked). Regrowing has been a task this time around. Perhaps it is age, or perhaps still, it is just plain wanton desire. Thank you Stu & Company for all of your support, encouragement and comradery. You much excuse me for now, I have another meeting with The Sultan.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      This was a delight to read sir. You have a great way with words.

      • John says

        This, coming from the likes of you old chum, I am quite flattered! Being the victim of a liberal arts education, I stumble about. Sorry if I got wordy. It’s just that I’m happy to have found the site and am injected with renewed enthusiasm.

        • hirsuteforhappiness says

          Well I’m enthused by your enthusiasm good sir. I enjoy your style if you ever fancy writing for the site let me know

          • John says

            Flatterer! I will certainly keep that in mind, sir. My barber will be in contact with yours to arrange a sit-down.

          • hirsuteforhappiness says

            Haha, excellent

        • hirsuteforhappiness says

          I am enthused by your enthusiasm also. If you should ever like to write a piece for the site let me know

  3. John says

    Hello Stu! Minneapolis Minnesota, USA calling. I discovered your vids on youtube and was directed (by you) to this site. I must say, you have done a brilliant job here! This place is a one-stop destination for questions, support, and comradery for the beard and moustache crowd. I am regrowing my locally famous handlebar after a three year hiatus. My watched pot is taking forever to boil, but I am hanging in there. I look forward to exchanging ideas and experiences with yourself and other like-minded fellows. Cheers!

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey John, I’m so pleased you found the website, primarily because I shoved you here and if you managed to get lost then I would have major concerns! I’m glad your facial hair is having a revival, it does take time but patience is key. I look forward to your journey and thanks for your support

      • John says

        Thanks, Stu. Patience is not one of my strong suits, but in hirsutual pursuits, visualization seems to serve me greatly in the journey. You mention acceptance of genetics and in general, embracing your own personal ‘tache. Good advise, that. Will post piccies when the mission is accomplished.

        • hirsuteforhappiness says

          Excellent, genetics are your ceiling but you can do all you can to reach it, eat well, sleep well, don’t stress and care for your skin and hair

          • John says

            Sound advise, sir!

  4. Mike Lester says

    Stu ,i have not trimmed my handlebar for about seven months.It seems to grow more thickly on one side (RIGHT)than the left,any solutions gratefully received. Really good site,keep up the good work.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hi Mike, Congrats on resisting the scissors its a fine virtue and shows great commitment, glad you like the site your kind words are of great help in the battle between blogging and apathy! Your problem, which is probably not really a problem as only you notice it, is a standard issue in the moustache growing game. Its hard to determine the actual cause but are the individual hairs thicker or do you have more hairs on one side? If its the hairs individually then alas tis nought but a genetic quirk and I’m not aware of any miracle cures. If its a more hair issue then that is something you can address as most likely its down to your shave lines. The difference of two hairs is noticeable at the tips and that only has to equate to minute difference in your shave line. I found that its good to get a ruler out from time to time, perhaps explain to the wife why you are taking a ruler into the bathroom as she my think you are either having a crisis or reverting to a 13 year old boy and have a good old measure. I used to find that due to teh angle of the balde on opposing side my right shave line was slightly closer to my lip. Hope that helps you but remember this one thing “your moustache is perfect” keep saying this and you will learn to love it and not fixate on something that isn’t really a problem

      • Mike Lester says

        Thanks for taking the time to answer me Stu,will try the ruler,as the hair is thicker one side.

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