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FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Roughneck Beard Company Review

roughneck (3)

Website:   You will not regret getting yourself over to the Roughneck site, just remember that you came from here. The Roughneck brand is the creation of a rather magnificent bearded champion in the shape of Brad Jackson, I use the word champion not because he holds a title but more for his service to the… Read More

Cowboy Comb Moustache Wax

Cowboy (3)

Website:    You can find the Moustache wax here Price when purchased:   £4.50 Delivery feedback:  I confess that this wax has been sent to me by a lovely bearded gent who struggled to get on with the wax and thought that I could put it through its paces.  As such I cannot comment on the speed… Read More

The Dapper Duke Beard and Moustache

Fine looking products

Upon your visit to the most excellent Dapper Duke Wesbsite you will note a couple of things, as per the brand name it’s a slick well put together and well written affair.  Once you have familiarised yourself with the Dapper Duke’s musings you will then notice that there is a fine array of products which luckily for… Read More

The Art of Shoe Shine


Shoeshine began as a means of making money from those who found traditional work due to age or education difficult. Known widely as beginning in New York it actually originates from London. Shoeshine UK aim to change this outdated image of shoeshine and have evolved the industry to levels unseen by incorporating patina (colouring of shoes)… Read More


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