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Penhaglion’s Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website: Penhaglion.com

Price when purchased: £5

Delivery feedback: Very quick delivery

Container type/size: 15ml metal screw top tin

Colour: Light/colourless

Aroma: Lightly scented with sartorial according to the website. Its a pleasant earthy smell

Application: I found it quit hard to apply at first but it really is a case of less is more with this wax. It is sticky so take care so as not to pull your hairs too hard. If the tin is warm a simple rub of the finger in a circular motion will be enough to extract all you need.

Hold: Pretty solid hold though not rock hard but definitely firm.

2427006_origComments: This was my first wax so a bit of a learning curve for me. I purchased it in support of Movember and I leanrt early on not to use too much as it is sticky and you will end up pulling hairs out trying the spread it acros the hairs. Using a hair dryer and a comb does help massively though. This wax is very good at holding hairs where you want them, ideal for centre hair training or those along the lip line. The scent is very nice though I have no idea what sartorial is I found it quite pleasing. Manly yet not overly masculine would be how I would describe it.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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