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Petal Pusher Fancies – Coconut Shaving Soap

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
visit the site herehttp://www.petalpusherfancies.com/collections/shaving-soap


So here we have the last of the Petal Pusher Fancies products I have in my ever-growing stash of stuff, I really should think of something more snazzy than “stash of stuff” hmmm, how about grooming accoutrements or groovy grooming gear if you are from the 70s?  So anyway back to the product in hand, the rather lovely shaving puck.

This post of course will not be of  huge interest if you are one of my bearded visitors by virtue of your aversion to the razor, but stick around dear fellow as you might like what I have to say with regard to the world of wet shave.  I of course have a moustache and as per the requirements this means we have to remove the undesired hairs and as much as I try wishing for them not to grow just hasn’t worked.  I apologise to my bearded friends but I have to shave!

I was for many years lolling about in the world of shaving using any old products with hit and miss results.  Mostly a world full of razor burn and shaving cuts and walking to work with bits of tissue stuck to my face, recently though I have turned my back on the spray can foam and have entered the world of wet shaving.  I have a brush scuttle but still use a disposable razor which many shaving enthusiasts will abhor, but I can’t please everyone, but the razors I don’t feel are the biggest factor, it is the performance of the soap.

The petal pusher soap puck is rather large, its thick and very firm and as such is going to last a  very long time so its real value for money.  The scent I have is the coconut which I will admit might not be my first choice but it’s very pleasant  indeed and makes the task of shaving more enjoyable.  The soap produces a lovely lather but you do need to spend some time working it, initially I was keeping the puck in the tin, a rookie mistake I know so please don’t snicker.  I contacted Petal Pushers and they suggested I took the puck out of the tin and wowee what a difference!  I am able to load my brush using a figure 8 movement in about 30 seconds which I then transfer to my warmed scuttle. With very little work I have a wonderful thick, yet light whipped foam as you can see below that would make any meringue chef proud, if there is a such a thing as a meringue chef?  Answers on a postcard…

Once the lather is applied to the face it gives great coverage and the smell fills you with tropical thoughts, which is helpful when it is near freezing outside and dark I can tell you.  The razor is well cushioned and glides effortlessly on the first pass with the grain and I was pleased that the blades on the razor did not get clogged which was an issue with the spray foam.  I was able to perform a second pass without loading the brush again just rehydrating the soap with a tiny drop of water and lathering up again, the across the grain second pass was a doddle leaving me with a very close shave and not cuts to report.  If I had a decent proper razor like the Merkur 34c that is on my Christmas list I would easily be able to lather again for a final against the grain shave, but until then…

The soap really comes into its own after you rinse, the skin feels very soft and moisturised and so smooth with a light coconut scent. This is due to the number of purely natural ingredients that should you look into all have links to skin health. There is no hint of razor burn for me and though its only the 4th proper shaving soap its the best thus far.

If you are interested in getting your hands on this soap or maybe one of the other scents such as Black Tea, Sandalwood, Briar, Neroli or Oakmoss and Sage then head on over to www.petalpusherfancies.com/collections/shaving-soap say I sent you.

The Ingredients are:

Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Stearic Acid (Vegetable Derived), Organic Castor Oil, Pure Kokum Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Essential Oils, Fragrance (unscented version does not include essential oils or fragrance


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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4 Responses

  1. Robert Levesque says

    Hi Stu !

    Like your reviews,but it seems to me that as wet shaving goes you have to try a DE razor etc. and add them tou you groomig stuff. Why not try it?

    My rituel is : 1. a good prep (shaving oil) 2.with agood shaving brush and soap with bowl, 3. good blade and razor and 4. an after shave baulm. My preference, for now, is to the Taylor on Bond Street products and my favorite razor : Merkur 38C with Feather blades.

    But I am going to try the products that you are reviewing on your blog, especialy the Petal Pusher Fancies products.

    By the way I have a Hadelbar on the way . . . love the style . . .

    Cheers !

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hi Robert, thank you for taking time to read and leave a comment. I have a merkur 34c on my Christmas list and looking forward to a better shave. I have noticed that even using a disposable plastic razor the use of shaving soap and brush has resulted in a more comfortable and closer shave with almost no cuts. Petal pushers have great products, be sure to tell them you came from here 😉

      Thanks again look forward to seeing you on hirsute for happiness . com in the future

      • Robert Levesque says

        Hi Stu !

        Yes a good soap and a brush will give you a better shave ! But for me it is still a work in progress. When often it is a comfortable shave it is not closer and when it is close it is ofen not comfortable. And 85% of the time it is my technique that is at fault! But all in all good products are sur to give you satisfaction. But I will never go back to the electric !


        • hirsuteforhappiness says

          I agree with you there, I’ve always used disposable razors but using the brush and soap or cream makes a big difference. I enjoy the almost zenith like pursuit of trying to achieve the perfect shave shave though and you don’t get that with an electric!

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