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Petal Pushers Dandy Candy Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website:  get your Moustache wax here www.petalpusherfancies.com/

Price when purchased:  £4.30

Delivery feedback: Great communications, very professional and helpful.  Parcel arrived quickly and well packaged

Container type/size: 18gram pocket friendly sliding top tin


As with the other products I have tried from Petal Pushers the scent from this product is lovely.  The Bay Rum scent is very nice, not too overpowering and will leave you feeling refreshed and dare I say a bit racey.


The wax is very firm in the tin, it almost flakes as you extract it.  Its definitely best to employ the bulldozer method of pushing your thumb forward rather than scraping your nail backwards.  It warms very quickly with the heat of your fingers though and you can almost feel the enriching nutrients that this product is packed with.  Once applied through the hairs, which was a little sticky at times, I found the wax responded well to the hairdryer and combed through to give a very even coating with no clumping whatsoever.  It set quite quickly which was expected due to the firmness in the tin.


This wax does have a considerable hold though I would say it wasn’t a strict firm hold.  The curls stayed high and tight for the entire day but I did have some lip hair intrusion and after eating my lunch a small amount of primping was required.  This gets the 50mph windows down hold though so it will provide a good level of hold all day, I just think that maybe my moustache is getting past the capabilities of wax.


I do like this product, it has a wonderful list of ingredients that really do care for your moustache and if you pair it up with the Wicked Cookie Duster Wax Remover your moustache will feel in amazing condition and will look incredibly healthy too.  If you have a junior handlebar or just thinking about a wax to help you tame unruly hairs then I don’t think this will disappoint you at all, its contains all natural ingredients and has attention to detail that makes it a worthy wax to own.  You then come to the tin itself, perfect for any pocket and not an unsightly bulge to be seen due to its slim profile, people are genuinely intrigued by the design and I got some very nice compliments when I had this wax on my moustache.

Petal Pusher Fancies products are  high grade, well thought out products with the needs of the user in mind, please visit the link above and have a look around and tell them I said hi

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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