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Roughneck Beard Company Review

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website:   You will not regret getting yourself over to the Roughneck site, just remember that you came from here.

The Roughneck brand is the creation of a rather magnificent bearded champion in the shape of Brad Jackson, I use the word champion not because he holds a title but more for his service to the facial hair community.  He is and incredibly knowledgeable chap but rather than keep his secrets to himself he believes in sharing his knowledge to better the hairy face of bearding.  He is active in a number of groups and is most supportive of other brands and areal gent, he does not bash other brands to make his look better, he believes in his brand and therefore doesn’t need to.  So is this impressive confidence hot air or are the Roughneck beard products as good as he and his loyal followers think they are?  To test this I was sent a trio of products which we will now look at in detail.

Delivery feedback:

I cannot fault the service offered, My original package appeared to have gone missing and after a number of messages back and forth in which  Brad was most apologetic and concerned he sent me another package. What should happen if I ended up with two packages? “just share them with a friend” was Brad’s answer.  The package was well protected with wood shavings which meant that a wonderful aroma hit me when I opened the box.  Each of the products had a plastic shrink-wrap around the lid to ensure that there was no spillage during transit, nice care taken to ensure the goods arrived safely.

Moustache Wax


Container type/size: £6.50

Ingredients:  A pure beeswax base with hemp seed oil, lanolin, and naturally refined pine tar with rosemary and lime scent oils.

The aroma is very pleasing, the pine tar and Rosemary make a lovely fresh and invigorating woodland scent. It’s has a definite uplifting and positive effect with the lime coming through to add a zesty punch. It’s what I’d describe as an honest and clean scent and no surprises that it smells exactly like pine, rosemary and lime. The intensity is high, real in your face stuff that shows little sign of dying off until very late in the day. I certainly enjoyed the scent when I wore it, but then I enjoy strong smells. If you are delicate of nose it may prove to be too much

The Roughneck wax is a thick dark substance and it’s sticky upon extraction. In fact I’d say it’s gum like and this presented me with a few issues in styling and applying the product. To extract was simple enough but it’s sticky when your finger heat works on it most likely due to the combination of lanolin and pine tar resin. It does pinch into the hairs rather easily and is pliable but the tackiness for me was an issue meaning it was hard to let go of the styled curl resulting in some frustration. The hairdryer on cool did enable the wax to set and firm up after a degree of faffing with unruly hairs and as you can see a decent styled moustache was the end result. I advise a delicate but deliberate hand when using this product and it’s not the wax to cut your teeth on for sure.

The hold I would safely place as medium, the curls retained their shape all day but there was a significant breakaway from the corner of my mouth and base of the curl with stragglers poking all over the place.

I have to be honest and say I was a little disappointed with the holy grail wax, but Brad himself confessed to me he is not a moustache guy and so suggested he might tweak the recipe. I hope he does because the wax would then perform a little better.

Vigilant Beard oil

I’ve heard a lot about the beard oils from the Roughneck camp, rather than be a copy with a different scent there is clearly a thought process behind each oil with different ingredients designed to target different problems. There is a bare and therefore scentless one for those that require it, Smooth Dude with its blend of “Rosemary, cedar, and hints of sweet citrus are blended into a mix of hemp seed, apricot, and grapeseed oil to deliver maximum itch-soothing and hair softening benefits to your chin curtain” and Snake oil which seems to have a roaring loyal following that is “…. blend of grapeseed, almond, apricot, and castor oil reduces that inflammation and moisturizes that thirsty skin, promoting faster and healthier growth.  Citrus and tea tree oil eliminate itch and put the stomp down on beardruff” and the Vigilant oil that I have to play with which is “Tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus, are blended with a touch of lavender and clove for a pick-me-up that feels amazing to breathe in.  Avocado, hazelnut, and bran oil fortify your beard to reduce brittle hairs and help to cultivate a fuller, healthier fur-face.”

Ingredients:   Avocado, hazelnut, and bran oil Tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus, are blended with a touch of lavender and clove.

The Vigilant oil is a real thick slick deep yellow/gold colour loaded with skin and hair boosting ingredients and they certainly pack a punch.   I always find it good practise to give the oils a shake before application, just in case it separates in transit also in doing this I can in part feel a bit cool like a bearded cocktail Tom Cruise, only taller, hairier, but sadly less rich!  Using the much needed and handy pipette I was very impressed at how thick the oil was on my fingers only to be instantly surprised at its absorption.  The oil seems to be on a mission to get into your skin which is just perfect as almost straight away after you have applied it to your face its soaking in.  Your facial hair will drink this stuff up like it’s the elixir that the follicles have been yearning for.  I find that is spreads nicely too and its not a grease fest despite feeling very thick and luxurious.  It just feels like quality goods, you will know what I mean when you get yours.

Softness – The Vigilant oil works wonders not only on my moustache but on my new beard and as the hairs grow ever longer the oil seems to work harder still.  The feel of the hairs is simply lovely, silky and smooth and not a jagged wispy hair in sight.  The effects of the oil on the beard and moustache last a very long time too, if applied overnight or first thing, which is when I prefer to use it, you will not need to reapply in a hurry.  As I mentioned your hairs drink this stuff up so it not only penetrating the hairs for softness and health it also boosts volume.  My beard is noticeably thicker to the point where I got comments about how big my face looked, so if you want to boost your mane then check this out.

Shine – This isn’t a strong feature of the oil, I didn’t note any major shimmer or shine on the beard just a healthy lustre, I think though it lacks in glossiness it makes up for it in the volume and health department.  Roughnecks is more function than fashion and I happen to think that’s  right.

Scent – Ooh its all zingy and punchy and spot on for an early morning pickmeup with it feeling quite invigorating as it hits your nose.  I struggle to describe it actually, there is woodiness with the compatible high notes from eucalyptus and lavender with help from clove that I’d place in the menthol area, but yet it’s not a minty fresh smell.  Very well balanced and an aroma that lingers for some time throughout the day reminding you how killer your face is looking.


Premium Beard Batter

Ingredients:  Shea butter and hemp, grapeseed, avocado, apricot, castor, hazelnut, sweet almond and ricebran oil. This illustrious cast is scented with cinnamon bark, rosemary, vanilla and lemon essential oils.

Just a minute here, is that pretty much every ingredient that is perfect for skin and hair health and nourishment?  Is it also a fantastic mix of ingredients that contain a torrent of beneficial nutrients, too ruddy right it is!  So does it work as one would hope? Am I going to stop asking questions? Yes, on all counts and please accept my apologies because it’s very exciting to find a product that titilates me so.  The RoughNeck Beard Batter is a great beard balm but before we get into the function lest just address those ingredients and how exactly they are mixed and presented.  I have tried a lot of products but only 3 to my recollection  are whipped and so what we get when we open the tin is a gloriously light and fluffy beard friendly substance.

Application is absolutely lovely, the batter reminds me of fluffy cheesecake or a dessert mousse and as you scoop out the desired amount, which for me is three finger pads worth, the gloriously soft product yields to your finger heat and melts down into a delicious and thick nourishing oil. I tend to dab it about my face aiming for even amounts on both cheeks, neck, chin and moustache.  A delicate stroke across the face fuzz and a quick comb through and all the hairs are coated in the product and I guarantee you will notice a difference in your appearance but also the feel too.

This product isn’t so much a styling aid though it will indirectly help the shape of your facial hair as hydrated and pliable hairs will sit better compared to dry brittle ones.  The batter is a wonderful conditioner and one of the finest that I have tried as it leaves my beard and moustache feeling healthy, soft and the skin is conditioned too.  Not a sign of flaky skin, no itchy scratching when you have Roughnecks on your side.

The scent of the Beard Batter is lovely, it’s a bit like a cake in its aroma as well as its appearance, I get the lemon and vanilla at first but the rosemary note sits in the background and comes out a bit later with the cinnamon hit, I love the stuff and I am certain if you served it as a dessert after dinner people would eat it as it smells that good. (Don’t bloody do that though eh!)

So in summary the Roughneck Beard Brand is all about top quality, high functioning beardcare and if you are always looking for the perfect product then seriously consider this brand.  I am very excited to try the other oils and the Blackbeard Soap Bar has me doing virtual cartwheels as on paper it is to die for!  I hope I have done enough to make you check out the store and make a purchase, you and your beard will thank me.  Say hi to Brad for me too!


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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6 Responses

  1. jason esterly says

    that was really great

  2. matt says

    thanks for the review. think i’ll be checking out that beard batter. if you haven’t already tried it, texas beard company makes a great whipped balm. i’m a huge fan of their mint eucalyptus scent, but they have others if that doesn’t do it for you.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Matt, definitely do check out the better and get the oil too, great products

      • matt says

        i finally ordered some of that batter. pretty amazing how far a little bit of it will go, and i have a fairly thicker and lengthier beard. i apply it before bed. so far so good! probably need to check that oil out now, too. thanks, again.

        • hirsuteforhappiness says

          That’s great Matt it’s ideal before bed, all of the oils look great too and have a great reputation

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