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Royoil Club – Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website:   Take a look at the Royoil Club

Price when purchased:   £5.99

Delivery feedback:  

I received the wax and oil in one package and both arrived carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, the padded envelope however was the real talking point with a great personal touch with a hand drawn and rather good  likeness of little old me.

Container type/size:    15ml Screw top pocket friendly tin


When I read the list of ingredients I was very excited, clove and tangerine I knew would work very well as it is something I had used with 1903 Pomade but the addition of cedarwood in the Royoil wax has taken it somewhere new.  It’s a warming autumnal scent to me, woodlands and lightly spiced fruitiness, the elements are well-balanced and under your nose its a very positive and comforting aroma that is strong enough but not over the top.  This perfectly compliments the Royoil Club Oil too, well played!


My thoughts when this wax arrived were a little troubled as the wax seemed very hard, however it was a bit of a cold spell here and very quickly the wax relaxed to a nice firm but usable state.  The application of this wax was very easy indeed, it did not leave a residue on my fingers when I extracted it in my usual thumbnail push and seemed to almost disappear into the hairs evenly with no fuss.  I used it only on my tips as I have realised I prefer the centre hairs to be free a they have got longer and I like them to move as they wish, that said because this wax is easy to use and apply I’m sure that it would have been fine in the centre.  There was no clumping at all, the hairs seemed silky to the touch likely due to the addition of vitamin E and in using a little heat from the hairdryer I was able to style a lovely tight curl.


This is definitely a moderate hold, it sort of has a bounce to it so there is flexibility but good shape retention.  This I found was great as a number of times I caught my moustache on my son who I had to carry for most of the day as he was unwell.  The 50mph windows down hold sits well for this wax which also holds out well at a kids party where balloons and screaming had little effect, the Royoil Club wax is a tough little fella.  The shape stayed all day despite the trials and tribulations of family fun days, the same cannot be said for the wearer of the moustache who was a tired beaten man, but a tired beaten man with a well formed handlebar nonetheless.


In summary this is a very good wax using fine natural ingredients, its versatile and smells really good in my opinion and would definitely suit a beginner and yet please a well established moustache groomer too. This washes out with a bit of effort but if you order the oil as well (a package for this exists on the website) you can use the oil to soften and break down the wax making it far easier to comb and wash out. I did get some great comments both in person and on Instagram with regard to the curls and I did enjoy wearing this wax.  One thing that stood out from the Royoil Club experience was the personal touch, the email communications were really good as is the correspondence on social sites, however the drawing on the envelope is a master stroke.  This company does care about its product and of course the people who use it, so go and show them some love and buy their wax and oil.



FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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  1. Wes says

    Moustache looks great, Stu.

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