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This Saturday gone me and some chums made our way into London to watch the abysmal and dull game that was England Vs Argentina, the game was dire as was the weather but it was wonderful to see many a Movember gent beginning to wear their new face fuzz with pride.  There were a number of styles I spotted, mostly in the Trucker style but there was the odd chap with something a little different, top moustache of the day went to a rather lovely looking young lady though.  I know what you are thinking here so let me explain that she was in fact wearing a homemade thick cookie duster, we exchanged knowing glances and she was gone but I wish I could have got a photo.  On the subject of photo, my friends were quite surprised when a gentleman approached  me with hand outstretched “Can I just say well done sir, that is awesome”  “Thanks,” I said “it’s getting there” receiving his hand.  As the distance between us closed he reached for his pocket and though this might alarm some I was certain he wasn’t about to injure me, or worse cut my moustache and he produced a business card.  Handing it to me and readying his phone not once taking his eyes off my moustache he said “I’m a barber, here’s my card.  I am a huge fan of your style and I have to show this to the guys in the shop, could I have a photo please?”  I was honoured and posed as well as you can when you are caught a little off guard, he took his shot and was away.  I turned to my friends, nothing was said for a while just a knowing “well that was strange” look.  Finally one asked “do you get that all the time?”  of course the answer is no but I do a reaction and get people asking if its real, can they touch it or what products I use.  I welcome this because it gives me a chance to educate them on why I hose to grow this moustache for Movember and keep it for a year.  The are mostly always impressed, somewhat happier for seeing it and some are even inspired enough to grow their own which can never be a bad thing.  The people I do have an issue with though are the ones that see me and try to mute their reaction or maybe try to take a sneaky photo, I wish they would come and talk to me it’s just facial hair after all.

Here is a picture of me at the rugby trying to look excited.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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