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Ruezel Medium Hold Pomade

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I’d like to introduce you to Brian, I started following him on Instagram some time ago and not only can we agree he has a fine collection of baseball caps he also has a killer style.  Super curls adorn his face but he also has pretty damn slick hair too and I asked if he would be up for reviewing some of his favourite pomades.  This is his first, I hope of many write ups on here, so give him a warm welcome and look him up on Instagram.

Where to start with a pomade review, the smell, the texture, how it looks, or what kind of tin it comes in? Where to start when reviewing Reuzel pomade grease medium hold? There is no place to start really, it’s just excellent and one of my favourite pomades ever made. Coming from Rotterdam its made by a group of barbers from Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier, known for their greasers, biker psychobilly, rocker, and other fine gentleman styles that make their way through the doors. The hard holding motto of no women allowed, making it a pretty cool barber shop that I’d very much love to make it to one day.

So the back to Rezuel grease medium hold again, where to start. It comes in a 4 oz metal tin round and a screw of top. Painted in the green grubby colour that can only be described as a metal tin you would have found in your dads tool box filled with old nuts and blots and covered in lovely dirty old motor oil and grease. With the logo of a big fat pig and writing going around the tin, where it gives the direction on how to use as well as the ingredients. This is a petrolatum based oil pomade and it can be a bit hard to de-grease but you won’t mind so much as it is worth it.

Opening the tin takes you to another world, the smell is just heavenly with a nice strong kind of peppermint shampoo hint to it, a nice fruity just out of the shower kind of hit to it too. As you scoop some out and start to warm it in your hands it’s a nice thick light green paste that when broken up the smell kicks out so much more. Working it through the hair is nice and easy enough though I do have long enough hair, I don’t need a lot maybe 3 or 4 finger side scoops warming it up and working through, combing the hair back is pleasant enough not pulling on the hair. After combing I start to form my pomp which is easy enough and being a medium hold it does very well through out the day with need to add more. Very re-workable so you go about your day so you can always look on point, hopefully the pictures below do it justice.

To say this is defo at the top of my favorite pomades isn’t difficult, it hits every mark on quality, smell, hold, with nice shine and a general bad ass looking tin that you will ever come across. The top most respect goes to the Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier for making such a top grade pomade. They stand out in style alone for their retro hair cuts, tattoos, beards and moustaches and a knack for mayhem and they pave the way for their unbelievable skills. I give the Reuzel grease medium hold a 10/10 on all over.

So to wrap it up the  Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier Reuzel grease is one for every mans shelf for that bad ass working man’s look, wonderful smell, great hold, nice shine and over all cool life style of the barbers at Rotterdam’s finest Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier straight out of Holland.




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