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ScoundrelsWax – Product Review

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Get yourself over to the Scoundrels website to see what treats they have for your face here

What seems like many moons ago I was asked to give some feedback on a new moustache wax product out of Nottingham UK, the request came from Carl Porter and his facebook profile picture got me excited.  In that photo and many others that followed was  or is one the loveliest styled moustaches I have seen, such thickness in the extremities that it rendered me a little jealous I have to say.  The little tin arrived with a note thanking me and after a few days I set to work giving the wax a run through and my initial findings were on the whole pleasant and encouraging but the wax needed a little reworking in my opinion.  I offered my advice and made some suggestions about alternate ingredients as I had guessed and was later informed that the wax contained petroleum jelly.  I’m not a fan of the stuff and it was my belief that most discerning moustache stylers (which is probably most) had similar views, it’s not such a key factor nowadays due to a whole raft of excellent alternatives available.

So that was that, I considered my job done, I had road tested a product and given my feedback and went on my merry way, but then I started to see the wax popping up in my feeds like the Scoundrel that it is, being all sneaky and a bit full of itself looking all marvellous.  Carl got in touch and said he had tweaked the formula and would I like to try it again and would also include his beard oil which I had to admit on paper looked very good. A few days later the Scoundrel’s products plopped happily through my letterbox and begged of me to try them again.

Beard Oil

I’m going to start with the beard oil because some of you out there are sticklers for the alphabet and also I can do what I want remember!  I recall looking at the ingredient list of the Scoundrels Beard oil and being very impressed with my first thought being “the man has done his research”  There are some truly remarkable oils in the mix that are not often used I think due to trends and sometimes a bit of laziness on the manufacturers behalf.  Not so with Carl our trusty moustachioed man, he’s doing it the way he wants, the way he believes and in fairness he’s got this about right even down to the very reasonable £9.99 price tag for 30ml.

The bottle is the regular type with a glass pipette for easy administering of the oil and it’s a nice and easy process, the oil is middle of the road with its thickness and a light yellow in colour.  Once applied to the hairs I didn’t notice any greasiness on my hands, only a tiny bit in the skin creases of my fingers which I ran through my hair or eyebrows, it was of no concern.

Ingredients – Argan oil, hemp oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, walnut oil, peach kernel oil, rice bran oil, vitamin e and essentials (grapefruit, lemon, orange and lime plus spice)

Softness – One thing that strikes me with this oil is the instant soft and silky feel to the hairs the moment you apply but it’s not a sticky greasy silkiness just a lovely soft beard.  There is also a really pleasing skin feel, this oil loves your skin and the skin loves the oil, it absorbs very fast giving instant gratification to a tired beard.  The longer term effects are definitely there too with the beard feeling hydrated and happy past lunch time, I prefer this oil in the morning but that’s to do with the scent rather than the oils physical effect but no matter when you use the scoundrels oil it will improve your beard feel.  After a week wearing it in conjunction with soap and the occasional beard balm I felt my beard was in really good shape.  I think this is a great oil for the coarse and thick beard type or those with particularly dry skin rather than a styling aid as it’s not quite heavy enough to style it up a bit in fact it’s very light.

Scent – I have the Citrus Spice as this is Carl’s favourite and I can understand that, it’s a refreshing punch of citrus that is mostly in the quarters of lemon and grapefruit for me.  Its zesty and this is why I prefer it in the morning as it’s a very invigorating effect and is a great way to wake up.  The spice element is a little lost on me, I’m not sure what it might be as the spice element is not listed on the details but its a nice scent that doesn’t last too long or get in the way.

Shine – I can’t fault the oil on this at all, a genuinely natural looking glow to the beard and moustache giving an appearance of health.

In summary this is a very good beard oil for softening the hairs, improving the skin health and has the ability wake you and your beard up in the morning.  For the money I think you should have a look at it and have a look at the other scents available too if you are not a citrus fan as there are some lovely looking ones online.

Moustache Wax

I have the extra firm wax  and though there is a regular hold I am pleased I got the big brother in the 15ml screw top tin and at £4.99 it is well priced.

Ingredients: Beeswax (from happy Nottingham bees,) Lanolin, hemp oil, almond oil, mineral oil and petroleum jelly


It’s a very simple and delightful Lavender scent, I happen to love lavender so for me this is a joy to have under my nose.  It’s not too strong a smell and its in some way ever so slightly muted to a softer more subtle aroma which seems to last well into the day.  The effect of this is a very pleasing and happy one, its a great scent for calming and relaxing too such is the nature of lavender.


The wax is quite firm and a little tacky when you extract it but a very usable amount comes out with the back of the thumbnail.  If any wax claims to be firm I prefer to exercise a bit of caution and so always use less than I think I will need and attempt to build it up if I need to.  So putting that into practice I used a small ball of wax and spread it across my index finger and thumb pads and to my surprise found it softened very nicely but as I applied it I could feel a little resistance and so reached for the hairdryer where the gentle heat softened the wax just enough to softly push the wax on and drag it towards the tips from the corner of my mouth. I repeated this manoeuvre with relative ease all the way out to the tip.  What I had was a very well coated half moustache with all hairs bound together in something that was very pleasing, the leftover wax after each pass I smeared across my lip line hairs and repeated the whole process on the other side.  I started off the first day with a fairly straight almost English style and was very impressed how well the wax set using a cold blast from the dryer.  It felt very confident and looked very good to with no clumping or dusting effects to be seen so the extra effort with the application in building up slow helped.



Wowzer! Its pretty much the perfect level of solid reliability and comfortable flexibility in one product, no matter the style I chose and I’ll come to that in a second, I found if I hit the moustache or got it caught on something (yes that does happen a lot) that the wax flexed and took the impact and still allowed itself to be pulled back into shape.  So lets talk about how long the hold lasted for shall we?  Any guesses out there?  I doubt you were thinking in units of days, yes that’s right days!  I will confess I mostly remove a wax because it gets on my nerves before dinner time but not this stuff and factoring in I had lost some hairs in the styling I thought I’d leave it in overnight and go from there in the morning.  So the next day after a shower where I washed but did not soap my moustache or beard I dried the waxed up lip lawn with the hairdryer into the Dali inspired style you can see below. That held firm pointing to the sky all day long at work with only the slightest pitch forward on one side which is staggeringly good given many waxes cannot pull this off on  their best of best days let alone day 2. That night for fear of losing a moustache in my eye or up my nose I recalled the skyward tips from their lofty reach and folded them inwards to a neat tight curl, I wonder if it can do three days I thought .  Yep, certainly can! Day 3 of the original application I opened out the curls slightly and went out for the day, had a bit of fun using my still firm moustache as a menu holder and that night decided I would wash it out, not because it was failing in the hold department but I needed to give things a rest.  I am confident it would have gone on a few days more with only a minimal amount of top up.


Given the fact it contains ingredients I would generally avoid I have to say I am completely won over by this waxes capabilities.  It’s perfect for those of you out there that want a no-nonsense reliable holding product with next to no maintenance required and it really has made me love my moustache styled again. I was very impressed with how easily I could remove it using the oil trick and a gentle comb got me back to a natural state.  I see this as the perfect wax to take on holiday due its days of service and therefore less need for preparations or perhaps for a very busy man who doesn’t want to have to keep checking their reflection every 10 minutes.  The Scoundrel’s moustache wax might not be for everyone but if you are even slightly intrigued to try this out and like a good styling aid then I urge you to make the purchase as I don’t think you will be disappointed.



FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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