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Sir Handlebar Beard Oil – Country Gentleman

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sir handlebar beard oil

The Sir Handlebar range made its appearance via a PM on the Hirsute for Happiness Facebook page from the man behind the products Stefan.  He asked if I had a preference of his two scents, Log Cabin “a smoky, woody scent. Firewood and wilderness.  A mix of smoky cedar, sandal wood, pine and spruce.” Or the Country gentleman which is the one I decided on, both of them tickled my fancy if I am honest but I’m a sucker for Lavender.  I notice there is also a scent called Jolly Season for the festive period which is a mix of cinamon and orange, I bet that is a beauty!

Ingredients:  hempseed oil, apricot kernel oil, hazelnut oil, castor oil and vitamin E oil.

The list of ingredients are excellent but on the vinyl label they are in Swedish and so I had to guess until Stefan confirmed my suspicions, but as with any beard oil its the blend of those ingredients that makes them special.  I had high expectations after reading the ingredient list and so was very keen to see what the oil felt like, but it wasn’t that which had me intrigued, the smell was certainly lovely but the colour struck me first.  It’s a deep green colour and instantly I took this as a sign that Stefan understands the benefit of hemp oil with its high vitamin content and beneficial properties for skin and hair.  The dropper works very nicely and allows for effective and efficient delivery of oil to your finger tips.  The oil is a nice consistency not too sticky or greasy but then not too thin or light, it certainly feels like there is a level of quality about it.  Once applied to your face the oil sinks in well and absorbs into the skin in very little time leaving a rather refreshing feel that serves to wake your skin up.  The hairs also feel great with no feelings of stickiness, just a nice healthy feel, I did notice a slight sheen to my fingers after application, most likely the castor oil, but that didn’t last very long as the oil has a very quick absorbency rate.

Softness – Almost instantly the hairs feel soft and the skin feel is very pleasant and this lasts for quite some time after application too.  When used overnight my beard and moustache benefited from the treatment and I did notice that my new beard was easier to run the comb through.  The  beard oil offers a little impact in the way of styling adding some weight to fly away hairs too. The use of castor oil is great because this takes a lot longer to absorb, something that some people have issue with, but the benefit is a much longer lasting and deeper conditioning benefit.

Shine – Top marks for  healthy looking facial hair, there is a glorious shine from the combined carrier oils that looks natural.  The feel of the hairs is nicely and silky too.  Considering the colour of the oil there is not a noticeable greening of my beard or moustache, so unless you secretly yearn to be the Hulk it’s all rather promising.

Scent – I chose the Country Gentleman scent because I have been using a lot of woody scents recently so though the combination of Lavender and Pine both of which I love suited me well.  They have been blended really nicely with the overall impression of the aroma being lavender with a hint of pine that also occasionally smells a little of liquorice or aniseed.  The intensity is quite in your face at first giving you a refreshing blast but this settles to a relatively subtle clean and refreshing experience lasting a good few hours.  Interestingly unlike many beard oils that seem to be better suited for either invigorating in the morning or relaxing in the evening the Country Gentleman works whatever time you apply it having a most positive effect on my mood.

So in summary we have a very well put together oil blend that serves to long-term condition both skin and hair offering great nutrients and moisturising effects.  If you want to get some then please contact the Sir Handlebar Beard Oil Facebook page to arrange payment and delivery.


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