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Slick 50 Barbershop Hair Pomade

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Slick50s Barbershop Pomades

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It is with great pleasure and a sense of pride that I am bringing you this review, the pleasure comes from sharing something lovely and the pride comes from the fact that it’s a business local to me.  To set the scene its only been the last 2 years that I have chosen to grow my hair, I was a self chosen skin head for 15 years and my arrival into the fluffy bonced arena was something of a pained and confused one.  I knew in a roundabout way how I wanted my hair to look but the first 2 “barbers” I used just failed in achieving the look I wanted.  Then one day I saw my chumly chum Neil Googe on either Facebook or instagram, I forget now, sporting a delightfully dapper and slick cut, he put me on to the Slick 50 Barbershop, which happens to be 5 minutes from my house and importantly he said “Get their Red Rooster pomade, it’s the best” and so I made the call.

I don’t want to cause offence here but you would have to live in a cave with no internet to be unaware that the slick 50’s, cool as a MotherJeffer style is all the rage and as such it seems that many barbers and stylists are trying to get in on it.  This is not true of the rather lovely and can I say sassy, yeah I can say it, sassy scissor wielding Elaine Hooker.  She is not trying to recreate the style, she is the style, not only has she been there, done that, she makes the T-shirts.  This is no fad seeking moneyseeker but a lady who firmly understands  the needs of a guy’s hair, style and grooming!  A great cut is definitely going to be the result should you visit the barbershop but make sure you pick up the handmade pomades before you leave.  They are good!

And so to the review proper and I should point out that though I have a limited frame of reference when it comes to pomades I have used a couple as well as the usual more conventional gels and such.  I should also add that I do not have overly long hair but my fringe as it were reaches the back of my head.

All the hair products are £6 for 75g plastic tub.


This is a nice soft product, white in colour and has a delightfully fresh and clean scent to it. Its got a medium hold to it enabling it to style well but also have a degree of flexibility so if you like being able to run your fingers through your hair you will be ok. It’s very easy to apply and needs no warming in your fingers and with no effort can be pushed through your hair giving an even coating.  If you choose to use a comb you can get a nice sweep but for me it comes into its own for a more relaxed finger styled look.  The finish is a sort of wet look and has a moderate shine. The Goldmine is not too stubborn to wash out either, I find rinsing with water at night and a wash in the morning is plenty which is far better than some of the other brands I have used.

Lil’ Red Rooster:

So this was my first experience of the brand, it’s a firm pink coloured product and as with Goldmine has a very pleasant clean and fresh smell.  Though a firm product in the tub its easy to get a workable amount on your fingertips and spread evenly across them prior to application.  Red Rooster is a little tougher in consistency and so has a little more resistance as you apply it but it goes in well and can be styled with either comb or brush.  This is the product for a more solid styled look, if you wear a pompadour then look no further than this.  Its hold is incredibly good, even in a very strong wind my hairs stayed put, but it’s not so solid that you feel like you have glued a cat to your head.  It definitely works best for a combed and crafted look, washes out very well, better than the Goldmine I find actually and is my favourite especially if combined with the Hair Control.

Hair Control:

So the Hair Control is a soft Petroleum Jelly product that has a lovely coconut scent, it will add a lovely shine and slick look to your style.  You can use it alone where it has limited hold but lovely if you like to reach for the comb from time to time.  The beauty is it can be combined with the other two products in your fingers to add a great sheen to your style without affecting the styling or the hold.  This does need a bit more effort to wash out but my revelation is the Dr Bronners bar soap (I shall make a post soon) which is simply amazing and completely natural too.  So even this PJ product can be removed in one wash, hoorah!

I really like this range, they seem to be balanced perfectly and have a great versatility, I have complete confidence in them and this means a confident me when out wearing my hair.  It’s nice to be able to talk face to face with their creator and see her passion, if you are ever in Southend then pop in and say hello.

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