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Stache Bomb – Stache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner


Website:    www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Stachebomb

Price when purchased:   £5 plus postage

Delivery feedback:     Quick delivery and good communication

Container size:    1 oz push fit tin


The scent for this wax is perfect for this time of the year, we have a  beautiful pine scent that is delicate enough to have you believe there is a Christmas tree nearby.  On the first wear I didn’t overly notice it but ever since I am completely aware of a well-balanced pine forest smell under my nose.  It’s certainly subtle but very fresh and light, I guarantee you will like it.


The wax has a good consistency from the tin, a little firmness but its easy to extract with the thumbnail push.  Once in the fingertips it warms quickly to a nice soft and usable consistency and this softness allows for a very good application.  I was able to get a good even spread by crayoning it in and using the warm hairdryer setting and a fine comb to spread through the hairs.  It responded well to cooling with the hairdryer and set well in whatever style I chose.


This was certainly earns a 50mph windows down hold, it’s a good firm wax but not rock solid.  It held all day with very little worry, the curls remained firmly in place and the centre hairs behaved nicely.  One thing I liked was that it felt light on my hairs and not clumpy quite natural actually.


A very good wax here with great styling capabilities and a really nice scent.  I really liked it and I got a number of positive comments when I wore it with a low slung curl.  Its petroleum jelly content is not overly high so it washes out well considering even after a number of days of use my moustache still felt good.  I have to say I love the design of the label, it appeals to the dashing WW2 pilot we all secretly wish we were.  If you want an easy wax to apply with decent hold then pop over to the store linked above and say hi from me.  Chocs away!!!

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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2 Responses

  1. Wes says

    Excellent. This is another wax that’s been on my radar lately.
    I do have a question, though. What do you mean by “crayoning” the wax in? And thanks for including the hair dryer on warm. I just started using a hair dryer on mine and man, what a difference. I always wondered whether to use the hot or warm setting. So I use a little of both. heh

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