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Apothecary 87’

Milly’s Beard Oil – Apothecary87 & Chris John Millington


This oil and other great products can be purchased www.apothecary87.co.uk/ I have had the pleasure of wearing the brand new product from Apothecary87 and Chris John Millington for the last few days.  I feel very honoured because at the time of writing this it is not yet on sale though  I’ve been aware of it as… Read More

Apothecary87 – Rather Alluring Beard Oil


  www.apothecary87.co.uk/shop/the-rather-alluring-beard-oil-small/ I reviewed the wax from Apothecary87 a couple of weeks back here but I received them at the same time.  As with the wax I can happily report that the oil is a joy to wear,  very well put together and easily does everything you expect a facial hair conditioner to do.  The bottle… Read More

Apothecary 87 – Poweful Moustache Wax


  Website:       www.apothecary87.co.uk/ Price when purchased:    £8 plus postage Delivery feedback:   Great communication from Apothecary87 and the item arrived quickly. Container type/size:  15ml glass jar Aroma: Sandalwood and vanilla, might not sound like much but what a revelation this combination is.  Here we have a wonderfully well balanced aroma that is sweet… Read More

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