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Bobs Beard Oil – Alpha Male Oil

Bob's Beard Oil banner

You get your hands on the Alpha Male from Bob’s Beard Oil from the store here, bobsbeardoil.bigcartel.com/ Greetings, once again I bring you a little gem of  product from the UK, Dorset in fact which is a beautiful place to visit its picturesque and very much an outdoorsy kind of place.  I spent a week there… Read More

Five O’Clock Products – Beard Oil

5oclock oil banner

Now this is a brand that is only a few months old, but there is something about the UK-based Five O’clock Products range that feels very authentic.  There is a contemporary slickness coupled with real traditional values of etiquette, friendly personal service and an understanding of what the hirsute gentleman requires in a product.  All… Read More

Backwoods Bath Co- Beard Oil

Blackwoods Banner

These beard oils are available from the etsy store here If I say to you Great Lakes Michigan what are your first thoughts?  For me having never been there its picturesque landscapes of trees and flat serene stretches of water.  I want to be there in that tranquil place experiencing nature, connecting with it, becoming… Read More

Urban Beard – Beard Care Range

urban banner

Some time ago I received the Urban Beard Organic and Vegan friendly grooming pack, it contains a beard shampoo bar, beard conditioner, beard oil and moustache wax.  I’ve decided to split the beard care pack and review the moustache wax at a later date as the other items all work hand in hand to both… Read More

The Bearded Bastard – Woodsman Beard Oil

Woodsman oil (1)banner

Check out the website here I’ve always fancied trying this Beard Oil, on paper or should that be screen? It appeared to be my type of product as I love being in the woods as I mentioned here. It also has a very loyal following and so I was very honoured when The Bearded Bastard offered… Read More

Milly’s Beard Oil – Apothecary87 & Chris John Millington


This oil and other great products can be purchased www.apothecary87.co.uk/ I have had the pleasure of wearing the brand new product from Apothecary87 and Chris John Millington for the last few days.  I feel very honoured because at the time of writing this it is not yet on sale though  I’ve been aware of it as… Read More

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